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Just can't seem to sleep through the night... Lock Rss

I have an almost 6 month old son who does not seem to sleep through the night. The first few weeks were wonderful as he slept through and did not make a sound. Now though, he wakes every couple of hours and I am at my witts end as I cannot get a break. I cannot let him cry too long as it will wake my 3 year old daughter (who only asks for me at night), and my husband needs to sleep as he works around 70 hours a week. What am I to do?
Each time he wakes at night, he cries and cries until I feed him. I have tried settling him with a pat and a cuddle, offered the dummy but does not accept it, all he wants is milk.
Any suggestions anyone?
Hi mary!

sounds as though you're going through a rough patch! Is he on solids yet? I've heard that if babies don't get enough calories through the day they will wake at night to make it up. Does he have a full feed when he wakes or do you think it's more of a comfort thing? If it's not real hunger you could try controlled crying? it would probably mean afew sleepless nights for your family but may mean more sleep in the long term. I'm not up to date with controlled crying methods I havn't had to use them since my daughter was a baby, but if you look back through this site you'll see heaps of info about it. I'm sure lots of other mums will offer you advice too! I wish you all the luck in getting you sleep back!!!

I am about to face the same dilemma with my first child, and a friend suggested that i send my husband to a friend's house for the night and she come and stay with me for support during the first night of controlled crying. Do you have any family that your daughter could stay with on the first night?
Everyone who has used the controlled crying technique has sworn to me that the first night will be about 2 hrs of crying with you going in each 10 mins to let your little one know you are there, and then the second night is only about half an hour and by the third night it is only one brief wake. I am counting on this!!!!!!! So perhaps you can hope for the same and send the family elsewhere and get a support person to be with you while you make it through the worst of it? Just a suggestion.....
By the way, the book i am using for guidance is called sleep right sleep tight, and it says that some babies do take 5 nights, but no one i know who has used it has taken this long.

Hi Mary
I have the exact same promblem with my 6mth daughter. She sleeps fairly well through the day (usually 1 long 3-4 hr sleep) and self-settles, but night time is a whole different ball game! I know she is not hungry as she has 2 solid meals (morning and night) and also a "top-up" bottle before bed as well as being breast-fed generally on demand. She will sleep for about 2 hours initially from 7pm, but after that she will just not settle unless she is on the breast in bed with me. CC isn't really an option for us either since my husband has to get up at 3am to go to work and 2 daughters have school. Sorry I'm not much help but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
Hi my baby girl is just over 8 months and she is still having a bottle in the middle of the night. She used to wake yp to 8 times a night until I gave in and started the night feed or earl morning feed I should call it at 3.30am. Once she knew she got that bottle she now only usually wakes at that time, I give the bottle in her cot and she sleeps until 7.00am.
I don't personally like controlled crying, so I am happy to give the bottle. I tried weaning a week ago and it worked great ans she slept thru, but then we all got sick with the flu and she has gone back to that bottle.
At the end of the day, they are only bubbies and I don't mind doing that feed.

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

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