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NO DUMMY NO SLEEP????????????HELP Lock Rss

My son is 6months old about a month ago he started teething (his 1st tooth broke through yesterday) he has been very grizzly and has bright pink cheeks all the time.

We have only had this problem since the teething started as a comfort thing he has to have his dummy in to sleep. It is really sterting to drive us both nuts. Even if i do all the trips to put his dummy in I feel so bad 4 my fiance who works full time and is still being woken by him. And he will scream if I don't go out there and put it back in.
We wrap him to sleep otherwise he will roll and cry or take his dummy out and he cant figure out how to put it back in.

Has anyone else had this problem?

We need advice we have tryed letting him cry it out he screamed for 20mins last night until we put it back in.


Mumma of 3.

im afraid this can take quite awhile b4 they learn to put it in themselves.

u just have to keep putting it back in if its the only thing thats gunna help him sleep especially if hes teething.

sorry if i wosnt much help i have been through this but thers not much u can do.
hi ya,
i know exactly how your feeling! my son went through the exact same thing. We eventually took it away from him and let him self settle then to just cry him self to sleep. we couldnt think of anything else to do. Eventually after 3 hard days of hard work of listening to him cry him self to sleep for hours at a time we got through it - only for it to be introduced again over the christmas holiday break. The only reason this was done was because we had so many people coming and going and it was a quick fix at the time to get him to be quiet rather than scream and carry on. WRONG idea... i do not suggest giving in at any stage. My son is now 16months old and only goes to bed with the dummy. I dont know how we will ever get it off of him, although now i dont think i will have a problem saying to him big boys dont need a dummy and eventually he will give it up. At least i hope this is what will happen. I am pregnant at the moment so dont have the energy to go through 2-3nights of bad sleep with out a dummy, especially while its freezing at night. I'd rather him just have it and ill take it from him in a couple of months.

Goodluck, i know this isnt really a solution, but your hubby is going to have to be put out and tired for 3 days. it might be good doing it over a weekend, so its not so bad for the both of you and you can take turns in getting up to him through the night and patting him off to sleep. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My littelgirl is the same and loves her dummy. but she is happy so I don't care. Last night I was up 6 times, teething again. I have found that putting a halo of dummies around her head works at night. We have up to 6 dummies around her head, so she can grab one when she needs it. He will learn it soon enough, just a few more hard n ights until then. Best of luck, but you are not alone.

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

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