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Success without controlled crying? Lock Rss


I was wondering whether parents out there have had success when get their babies settled/resettled without using the controlled crying method.
My boy has a pick feed at 5 -5.30 and this is purely out of habit. We then fall back to sleep until 7 - 7.30. I would like him to sleep that extra bit for himself and by himself. He has another feed between 1 and 2. I suppose I could include a dreamfeed but at this stage he is sleeping so well that i dont want to interrupt him.
I am not against controlled crying at all - each to their own however, I dont cope with Will crying and dont wish to put him through that.
So if people have tried methods and they worked, didnt work, we would appreciate to hear from you.

Mel and Will
PS I dont want this to turn into a debate - it is not what I am trying to achieve at all but rather a baby that can resettle himself in a way that I find I can cope with.

Mel, NSW, The Babe 26.01.06

Hi I do control cry and it works for me it is hard but worth it. I do it when they are 8 months old though. Sorry I cant really help

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

Hi there,

We have just started to help Isabella settle herself to sleep (we've rocked her to sleep from day one). What I've been doing is putting her in her cot, sitting beside the cot and rubbing her belly while saying, sleepy time. As she starts to drop off to sleep we stop rubbing her belly and let her fall asleep by herself.

It was hard work to begin with, especially seeing as she's at an age where she's sitting and standing in her cot - aarrgghh! The first time I did it (week ago) it took 1.5 hours for her to go to sleep but now it takes between 5-10 mins.

When she wakes up during the night I just go in lay her back down, say sleepy time, give her belly a little rub and she practically falls back to sleep straight away. Maybe you could try this when he wakes at 5am??? Or if you have been giving her a little feed you could try some cooled boiled water instead of milk.

Goodluck - hope you find something that works for you both.

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

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