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Leaking nappy overnight Lock Rss

My son is 10 months old and his nappy has started to get so wet overnight that it is leaking out of the top. I am using Huggies 6-11kg for Boys during the day and I tried going up one size (9-16kg) for his night time sleeps but this also leaked out of the top of the nappy. He sleeps on his tummy and has a bottle before bed but has always done this and never had a problem.

Has anyone else experienced this and have any ideas of how I can stop him being woken up from being wet?

My son sleeps on his side and also wears 6-11kg, I think it happens due to overload and if there are any gaps in the front or side then they tend to leak. I have noticed that this does not happen as frequently if my son sleeps on his back, but he rolls onto his side in his sleep. I have also tried putting a fresh nappy on him just before his last feed this sometimes helps as well.

Murdoch, 5mth, qld

hi bookachoo, one of my twins nappy leaks at night too. He is in huggies in the corect size. If he wakes and he is wet I change him, if he sleeps through by the time he wakes all his clothes are dry from body heat. I think he gets wet if it goes out through a leg. I use to worry but I don't now. I just know that I have to wash all of his night stuff every day.
sorry I can't help you in the staying asleep deptarment, but I know what it's like to find them wet.


you can but nappy liners they really help overnight


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Bookachoo,

You could try a pair of pilchards over the top, you can get fleecy ones these days that really do look quite comfortable. If nothing else then hopefully it would save you a bit of washing!

Good Luck
I have the same problem of leaky nappies when Gabi sleeps on her tummy. She would wake up drenched!
What I do to stop this is cut the core out of another disposable nappy, fold it almost in half and stick it inside of the leak guards of a husband calls them "mummy's magic nappies", I find this the only solution to the problem. Hope it helps.

Kirsten, NZ, Ella 02.10.1997, Gabrielle 20.06.2005

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