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finally sleeping through... Lock Rss

finally, success! my almost 10month old slept through (6pm-6am) last night!
we did this by using the controlled crying method...i know alot of people are against this but it worked well for us.
cadens sleeping (or lack of it!) was wearing me right down to the point i got sick - i went to the docs and she told me to try controlled crying. the first night was absoulte hell, the second night he woke once and cried for a bit and went back to sleep, and finally last night he didnt wake at all!
its so hard at the time - especially the first night, but its worth it. as hard as it is to hear your little one cry out for you, you just have to stick with it. i feel so much better now, and i am enjoying my son more during the day as neither of us are so tired from the previous night.
3nights of torture for a child that sleeps through - its definately all worth it in the end. give it a go and it might work for you too!
good luck gasp)
hi manda

thats really good news about caden sleeping through. well done i know how hard it is at first but im glad its all worked out. and if caden is sleeping through means you aregetting a good sleep too.
and as ou said you can enjoy caden more during the day as you both arent so tired.

thomas sleeps through and has been since i think 7-8 months and now its only if his sick or teething that i find he may wake up once during the night but other then that he sleeps right through. which is good for all of us as we are all happy and all getting good sleeps at night.
i hope he continues with sleeping through for you enjoy your sleeps at night.
thomas is a great night sleeper sometimes during his morning sleep it takes awhile for him to go down but his getting better his morning sleeps are getting shorter only about an hour and the arvo ones are usual longer or sometimes he just has a big morning one and wont need to go down in the arvo it all just depends. so im going to see how he goes but may even cut out his morning sleep over the nex couple of months

take care tanya smile

tanya,vic thomas 17/06/05 and EDD 6/12/2007 eìí?

Hi Amamda,

Im new on here, but I just saw your post and we did the same thing with our baby and I totally agree with you that the crying method is worth it!

At 2 months he was having 1 feed during the night and over a period of about a week that feed eventually got later and later until finally it was 7am when I would feed him. He would still wake in the night sometimes, perhaps out of habit rather than hunger and thats when we would use the crying method.

Hubby and I read this book called "OH Baby...Birth,Babies and Motherhood Unsensored" by Kathy Fray, and in it she described the controlled crying methods in combination with other things you can do to assist with swaddling, having a routine that baby can look forward to, putting baby in bed awake...etc.. She also said that crying is a natural way that babies unwind and relax.... they cant read books or watch telly..., thats thier way of unwinding to go to sleep. We shouldnt feel bad about this. I mean, I didnt let bubs cry for hours on end, but a 20 mins or so (and checking on him every few mins) can instigate a huge change. Our bubs didnt protest much and we didnt have to stay up listening to him cry, and now he goes to sleep without a peep.

I know this sounds mean, but after bubs had good cry, he would sleep more soundly and for much longer. So in the long term its better that we install good sleeping habits than feel bad about a few nights of bubs crying.

I believe that when bubs understands that YOU are the boss not him, he will sleep better. They generally dont just magically do it themselves! So from 2 months he has been sleeping right through until 6-7am. Hes 7 months now and doing great, not to mention hubby and I who are getting our full nights sleep again.!

Anyways its great that you have also had success with this method and I hope other mums give it a go, it is worth it!

P.S I dont want to start a debate.... I know that every baby is different and will respond differently to various methods... this is just what has worked for us (and many others). smile

Sita, Nz, Syam 7-12-05

Hi Amanda that is great news to hear and its awsome when you have a great sleep and I bet you have been waiting for it for a long time and if controlled crying method works for you and your son will who cares what other people have to say cause what they might do with their child doesnt mean it might work for you and your son.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

My daughter is 7mths and wakes up several times a night for a feed, I am willing to try the controlled sleeping method, and in a way I do use it after feeding when I put her back to bed.
My question for you is, when your baby was waking during the night (before you started the controlled crying) for a feed?
I am worried that now she is use to feeding at these times that she will be hungry when she wakes at night.

Donna NSW, Katelyn born 27/10/05

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