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Help with getting rid of the dummy!!! Lock Rss

Hello there , Not sure if this is in the write topic!! I have a 3mth old baby boy and was just wondering if anyone had hints on when and how to take his dummy away???

He wakes during the night sometimes just to have his dummy put back in his mouth!!! This can be quite punishing at times.

Any suggestions??? Or am I being a mean mummy!!


Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

It's tough taking their dummies away! Are you sure you want to do that? We took Ds dummy away when he was 2 months cos he couldn't keep the damn thing in his mouth!! He hated not having it and was very upset about it being taken away ( lots of crying involved), but he soon got used to not having it, I think he took about 2 weeks to forget about it. Our DD had her dummy for sleep untill she was almost 3 and never had any problems once she learnt to put it in her mouth herself (about 7 months). So it's up to you, Do you keep putting it back in or take it away all together?

my DS doesnt sleep with a dummy (he wouldnt take one and i am kind of glad he didnt now!). i had a sleep consultant come through for my son early on and we were discussing dummies, and she said that she takes them away cold turkey. usually by the second sleep they dont even look for it (but she also told me it would only take a couple of days for my son to stop catnapping, 8 weeks later....!!). so if you do it cold turkey it might involve some crying but it might work quicker than getting rid of it slowly. though i had a friend who would take the dummy out just after they went to sleep and slowly took it out sooner until she didnt give it at all. sorry i cant really help as i havent had this problem (but had many others!!) but good luck!

hi there,
my dd was in hospital for 3 wks after she was born and they suggested to give her a dummy for a comfort thing and she loved it straight away, then when she was 12 mths and i had to go to a sleep/feed clinic for 4 days straight on the forst night they asked me if i wanted to get rid of it and i decided to give it a go and she slept really well with out it and never wanted it again.
i definately dont think your being mean at all as it it tough alot of the time and these are hard decisions to make.
hope this helps you out a little

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hi Renee,
I took the dummy of my boy when he was 3 months, but he seemed to cry whether he had the dummy or not! He really wasn't that interested. It worked sometimes as a comfort thing. I would recommend taking it away now while he is still young! Even if there is a bit of crying ivolved it will be better than you getting up for the next year or so to replace his dummy! My son has been sleeping through the night since four months without waking once. I'm sure dummies create far more problems than they are worth! The only way he will learn to sleep without it is if it's not there.
Hi Renee
my eldest is 2 and a half and when she was 2 we told her that Santa was taking her dummy and leaving her with a toy this worked a treat and she never wanted it until recently she now constantly takes my 9 month old dummy
Not that you could tell your 3mth old that Santa is taking his dummy but in my own experience the younger you can take it off them the better long term I am trying to do away with my 9mth olds dummy to no avail as hubby thinks that babies look cute with dummies and I hate them due to the reason of getting up twenty times through the night just to put a dummy back in her mouth
When I took my eldest to a sleep and settle specialist when she was 6 mths old they told me that if I were going to get rid of her dummy to do it before 6 months old because after six months they get a memory of it and it is harder to get rid of and the specialist suggested that getting rid of all the dummies by chucking them all out so you arn't tempted to give in to the screaming at 3am and after about 3 to 7 days your baby will no have no relocolection of having a dummy
Good Luck! dummies sometimes are an absolute lifesaver but I hate them so much! Hopefully we can both do away with dummies for our little ones

Mum to Sammy, Sophie & Brock

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