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Rolling when trying to put to sleep Lock Rss

My 7 month old son has started to roll in bed and when I try and put him to sleep, he rolls straight on his tummy, puts his arms out and pushes his chest up. I turn him back over onto his back and tell him it's time for sleep and walk out of the room, but he just rolls straight back onto his tummy. I don't know if he thinks it's a game!!

I don't mind him sleeping on his side or back because during the night I find him in these positions, but how do I get him to lie there so he will settle and sleep???

I still wrap him, but that last 2 seconds with all the rolling he does...any suggestions anyone!!
Hi Moggie

I too have been having this problem in the last few days. My bub has worked out the rolling game too and when i put him down for a nap he rolls straight onto his back and grins at me (he sleeps on his tummy). No matter how many times I roll him back over and try to shush him he keeps doing it. He has only been frequently rolling for the last week so I am hoping it is just a new novelty for him and he'll get over it.

For probably half his naps I have had to revert back to getting him almost to sleep in my arms before I put him down. I think I am probably creating a future problem cause I have only just gotten him to put himself to sleep but if I don't get him to sleep I have one overtired baby.

Any suggestions anyone has I will also be interested in.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

yes i feel for you all as my son is the same except now he stands up and has been impossible to lie back down.

Fortunately i have been able to overcome it by simply ignoring it. It is easier said than done i know.

I just place Dae in his cot and walk out. He cries and stands but he knows that im not there so he goes to sleep by himself. I then go in and cover him up. What's funny is that when i put him in the cot the right way i find that he sleeps the other way and vice versa smile so i wait till he is settled and most of the time he stays on that side for the rest of the night.

Another thing i find good is covering the side of the cot with a sheet or something so that he cannot see us and can't hold onto the rails...until recently anyway as he is now way to smart.

Hope this helps.

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

Hi there everyone, I thought I would let you know about a fantastic product that I have which prevents babies rolling around, standing up and getting themsleves in a tangle - its a sleep sack which is attached to a sheet - fits portacots too, the sheet ties onto the cot mattress and the sack (which you zip your baby into) is sewn onto the sheet - it works a dream, there is still room so the baby can sit up and sort of roll around - but they just dont go anywhere, leaves you feeling relaxed because you know they will stay warm and safe, it can be used in the summer too - as the material is a thick cotton I think. they retail here in NZ for $129 from memory - but well worth it!! I think they do deals if you purhcase two or more - so if you are keen you should organise something and put an order together to save on $$. check out their website, good luck!!!
My son rolls in his sleep that much he wakes himself up and he is an absoulte bugger to put don expetially when his dad dosnt believe in letting him cry and makes me feel horrible if I do!! Also he dosnt sleep with anything on him never has liked it tried putting sheets over him once asleep but he would just kick them straight off! I used a grow bag in the colder weather that slowed him down but didnt stop him!
I wouldnt be to worried as if they know how to roll back onto their tummys they will be fine! My son always was!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi Guys,
Both my daughter and now my son rolled over onto their tummy.Unfortunatly if you try to stop them it does become a game so I just let them go.My son turns himself around and upside down thats how he goes to sleep.Then when we go up to bed later I turn him around and thats him.Is there any reason you don't want him on his belly without sounding stupid.As long as there's no pillows in the cot you should be right.My daughter didn't get a pillow until she went into a bed.please let me know how you are going.

Karen,NSW, 2yrs & 7mnths

I now use one of those barrell things when Ryan goes to sleep. You can get them from most places for about $30. Ryan lays in the middle on a small piece of fabric and there is a soft pillow barrel thing either side of him (joined to the material he lays on. As much as he trys he can't roll over when laid in this. The barrels are length of his torso so not too restrictive either

I hate having to resort to it, and I hope I don't have to keep using it longterm, but he was waking himself up all night rolling into the cot rails and giving himself frights. That and it is a game for him also at naptime to roll back and forth in his cot till he just overtires himself and then it is difficult to get him to sleep.

I give him all the opportunities to practice his rolling during wake times on the floor, and now we have a happier bub (who is sleeping longer and better) and a happy mum cause her bub is happy

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I'm also having this problem with my 4 1/2 month old baby boy. Unless he is dead tired then he also loves to roll onto his stomach once he is put down to bed (day or night). I was told by his maternal health nurse to reposition him before I go to bed (once he is asleep). This does work sometimes but he usually just rolls back over, once my husband or I leave the room, or we find him in the morning when he wakes up on his front.

Because I was worried about it (and still are) I repositioned him soo much one evening that he woke up and the only way I could get him back down was to give him another bottle. So now I let him sleep the he wants to, as long as he is not in loose bedding (but with all that rolling the sheet gets pretty messy). I also still try to wrap him up, but he loves to kick his legs about and that makes wrapping hard!! We have a Grow bag sleeping bag for him but it's a bit to hot to use at the moment and I did find that good for keeping him in one position.

Our baby started sleeping through from around 8weeks old but the last couple of nights he has started waking us up at 3am, to our delight!!! (not). so I'm not sure it this is a rolling thing or a feeding problem, as he is not yet on solids.

Good luck

Kath,VIC,baby boy

Hi Kath

I went thru the same thing with Ryan at the 4mth mark. He had been sleeping thru then started waking at 3am hungry.

I decided to try him with some rice cereal before bed and that made all the difference, he started sleeping thru again! One night I didn't give it to him and he was up at 3am again hungry

Perhaps just check with your health nurse tho cause they now say bubs shouldn't be getting solids till 6mths ... but then again all bubs are different too

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks jo79, I have started my babe on rice cereal which he loves. My health Nurse did advise me to wait until at least 5 months and we were a few days short.

Yes, I think he was hungry, as he did start to sleep thru again and for longer periods during the day.

But, hey..... now its teething time (we think), I guess with parenting once you solve one problem you find you move onto the next one.


Kath,VIC,baby boy

Hi everyone,
I too don't worry about it. It used to concerne me but it didn't seem to matter what I did, Michele still crawls around the cot. I did try getting her to lie down, but it caused so much screaming that we ended up forgetting about that and just covering her when she is asleep. I diggured there are more important things in life than if she is covered or not. And she falls asleep on her own so that's the main thing.
My six month-old has just started this in the last week or so. He sleeps mostly on his side but now rolls so far over he gets both legs and one arm stuck out of the cot! Then of course he can't get back so he screams. This goes on for up to half an hour with myself or my husband going in to put him back. My child health nurse advised me to just persist with the usual settling techniqes and be careful not to give extra attention when going in to resettle. Apparently once mobile many bubs do this. We have taken to putting our portacot up in the lounge room for him to roll around in before bed to work off excess energy where we can see him and that has worked ok so far.

Mum to Jonathan

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