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Moving baby to own room. Lock Rss

Hello ladies. I just need some advice on when to move babies into their own room. My son is only 4 months old and seems quite happy where he is, but I am worried that if he gets too used to being in with us we will never get him out. I don't really feel ready to move him now. But if I should be I would like to hear your experiences. Thanks.

Hi sara20 we moved Charlie into her room at 10 weeks old. We had to cause she grew out of the bassinet. First we started doing day sleeps in her room (in bassinet next to cot), then a few days later did night time too so she could get used to her surroundings. After less than a week we transferred her to the cot and she adjusted quite well. If you don't feel ready to move him then you don't have to.

It know it seems nerveracking thinking about it but it's really not that bad when you do it.

Good luck smile

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Hi Sara,
Our DS was in his own room right from the start, we had a monitor, but don't use it now he is 1! If you feel he will be ok, then the daytime sleeps sounds like a good idea, then you can move to night time too. They do become more aware as time goes on so I reckon the sooner the better smile

Jen and 13mth Harvey

We moved our dd at 10wks because l couldn't sleep from all her little noises she makes when she is asleep. We brought a monitor and it has been a great success.

Narelle, NSW,

HI Sara

I have a 9 and a half month old DD who was put in her own room almost straight away from coming home from the hospital.

Because my husband was working I put my DD in the spare bedroom and I slept with her for the first month or so and then as I wasnt getting enough sleep because she made too many noises at night and I being a light sleeper couldnt cope with all the noises, I decided to leave her there on her own and found that she slept better knowing that I wasnt in the same room as her.

I understand alot of people told me against leaving her on her own but I placed a monitor in her room and she was just fine. I however do check on her after putting her to bed of an evening to make sure she was fine. I would like to mention I place my DD in a sleeping bag as I am too scared to place her under blankets. The sleeping bag, I feel is safer and makes me feel more comfortable leaving her alone and works well for us.

Hi Sara, I put Mia in her own room from about 2 weeks. She was in the bassinet in our room at first but was such a noisy sleeper that we never got any! She has alwyas slept well at night, but we didnt. So we moved her into her own room, which is next door to ours, which means we can hear her if she stirs. She was in her bassinet in her room till around 8 weeks when she got to big and was hitting the sides with her arms if she got them out. We started her in her cot for her day sleeps and slept perfectly so she started sleeping in it at night as well. She likes the extra room, because she now likes sleeping with her arms straight out to the sides!

Em QLD Mia 23/4/06

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