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9 month old not sleeping Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Kylie I have a 9 month old baby boy Jordan. I have had a look at some of other peoples sleep problems and now feel I am not the only person with a baby that will not sleep. I feed him plenty of solids and formula. He also has a dumby but that does not work, most times he will only sleep if I put him in bed with me. If I leave him in his cot to cry he tries to climb out and screams the house down until he is sick. I am stuck for what to do next. He wakes up at least 4 to 6 times a night screaming. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Sleeping through seems like a dream. any mums who would like to have a chat email me [email protected]

Kylie & Jordan QLD

Hi Kylie,
It does get frustrating when they keep waking up and you wonder when is it ever going to get better.
I have tried controlled crying with Ella to get her to sleep but she cries so hard she vomits and it's just not worth it. This is definitely not an option for everyone and doesn't work for every baby. I too resort to putting Ella into bed with us on the really bad nights (last night), just to be able to get some decent sleep and to have her settled.
If you ever want to email me I'm on [email protected]

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

hi my name is Carley. I have a 9mth old daughter Charlotte who was also a night time waker. The tips i have that have worked are (and i use them all):
* Having the dummy on a chain at night time so when she wakes up she can find the dummy.
* Taking her for a walk before dark.
* Giving her a late afternoon catnap.
* Giving her a bath and than let her run around without clothes on until she tires out.
***Dress her in a jumpsuit, than trackpants and if you have one, than put her in a baby sleeping bag - so she stays warm all night.

Hope these tips work for you.

#1 Born 01/01/2003, #2 Born 13/05/2006, #3 EDD 02/

Hi Kylie, my name is chenoea i too also have the same problem with my 9 month baby boy Kai, i took him to childrens health clinic (its under community health give it a try) i'll go back she also told me they have sleep meetings with other mums so you can talk to other mums thats going through the same thing. if you would like to talk more, e-mail me on [email protected]
Hi Kylie,

I have the exact same problem with my 9 month old by Logan and I am in two minds as to whether I change our nightly routine. Logan had been sleeping through the night since he was about 2 months old. When he was 6 months old I returned to full time work and things changed over night. He started waking during the night at around 1.30am. He is still sleeping in our room - in his own cot - but when he wakes I put him into bed with us and breastfeed him to sleep. He then wakes up about one to two more times and I breast feed him to sleep again before 7am when we get up for work. I just don't have the energy to settle him all through the night! And my partner and I like having his cot in our room and don't really mind him coming into bed with us in the wee hours. But I don't want him to continue this forever. My fear is that we are coming close to the point of no return and Logan will have a lot of difficulties as he gets older to sleep by himself. We have our names down for a five night sleep school because we don't have the energy to do control crying. Maybe that will work. Have you come to any solutions for Jorden yet?

Bek,Vic, 9mth Baby

Hi Bek,

Yes I have had some luck with Jordan. After a visit to a health nurse and a few sleepless nights I am finaly getting some sleep. I had to stop feeding him milk when he wakes (thats yummy and worth waking up for) you can only give him water. But if you start giving water you must be strong and stick to it. I found it very hard for a few nights and I wanted to give in but the nurse said you can not give in or he will keep it up. We make sure he is asleep by 7:30 so we start preparing him at 7:00pm, He wakes for a bottle at 9:30pm then comes to bed with me. He now sleeps through to at least 5:00am some days even 6:00am. He has woken a few times but only while he was getting a tooth. I do not mind him sleeping with us so long as he sleeps. I am sure he will want his own bed sooner or later. I wanted to cross the sleeping through bridge before I started making him sleep in his own bed. Hope this is a help for you I found seeing my local nurse at the chemist such a big help and some great ideas from people on this site. let me know how you go and good luck. PS dont let your husband make you give in through the water nights my husband just kept saying give him milk I am so glad I stuck it out now. my email if you need any more info [email protected]

Kylie & Jordan QLD

Hi Kylie,

Thanks for your response. I will try the water instead of feeding him through the wee hours of the night. I think my husband will be the same as yours - he doesn't like to hear Logan cry and likes his sleep too!

I will contact you again if I have some rough nights ahead!

- Bek

Bek,Vic, 9mth Baby

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