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Wrapping? Lock Rss

I am still wrapping my son Luke who is 8 months old. He is almost crawling and I now find that when I put him in for a sleep he rolls onto his tummy and then cries. He doesn't like being on his tummy that much.

Do you still wrap?
Any advice to still do this or to not do this?

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

Hi my names Karen, I have a 23 mnth old, and I stoped wraping a about 3or 4 weeks old because it was to hot for her,its upto you but try not wraping him and see how he goes.

Karen,NZ, 5 yr old girl & 2 yr old boy

Hi. My daughter is 6 months old and is still being wrapped. I tried putting her down without her wrap but she only sleeps for 15 minutes and wakes up again. I guess she'll let me know when it's time to stop????
Hi KJ,

I stopped wrapping my son when he was a couple of months old as he just wriggeld too much and protested. However, as babies do tend to move a lot when they are asleep this can wake them up. So I used to put him to bed on his side, keeping my hand over his shoulder to let him think he still snug in my arms (he was usually asleep already) and then tucked the sheet in nice and firm to keep him there. Even now when I put him to bed at night, I give him a couple of rubs on the back, tuck him in and he goes off to sleep.

They just like to feel secure and this helps them to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Thanks for your reply.

Have you tried to put her down again without being wrapped?

I still don't know what to do! We are moving house in 4 weeks time and I am thinking just doing it then as I am assuming I will be contending with lots of little issues like new room etc. I have started double wrapping at night so he stays alseep all night. It really seems to help. What do your friends do? If I stop wrapping will I find him standing at the cot for hours on end?

Take care

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

hi, i wrapped my 1st child for 11 months, my 2nd child for 9 months and my 3rd child for 10 months. That was the only way they would go to sleep. sometimes i would have to re-wrap them because they would wriggle out and if their dummy fell out i would put it back in for them. they would sleep for about 2 - 3 hours like this during the day, and slept through all night.

chloe, kyle and cara's mum

Thankyou jule! I have tried the suggestions here and my daughter just thinks it's play time. I go into her room and all her blankets are completly kicked off and she's wide awake, usually squealing! Once I wrap her she goes to sleep. I was thinking that she may have been a bit old for wrapping but you have put my mind at ease. Thanks again.
Thanks for your reply.

Your message was great to read Jule. Maybe I will just continue until couple of weeks till after our move into our new home and then try. You say your wrapped till..... how did you stop at 11, 9 and 10 months? I agree that wrapping is great and that they do sleep better ( is it feeling of security or the fact that they can't move so they just go off to sleep). Would love to hear your reply on HOW you stopped wrapping each baby.

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

Hi KJ,

How old is your bubba?

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

hi there, i think wrapping gives the baby a sense of warmth and security. from memory i stopped wrapping chloe (who is now 9) at 11 months because she was physically getting too big, i think i started with her afternoon sleeps 1st, her routine after lunch was to have a bottle while being cuddled, give her the dummy, put her in the cot and put some soft music on. i never had anything in the cot for her to play with and her room was dim. kyle ( who is now 7) was pretty much the same but cara was different. with chloe and kyle i would put them to bed while they were still awake. cara (who has just turned 1) would actually fall asleep on the boob i would then wrap her and put her to bed. i started not to wrap cara at 10 months but followed the same routine - lunch, then boob - she would there fall asleep, i would give her the dummy, put her in the cot and then cover her with a blankie. no music for cara but her room is very dark during the day. if she cries i pick her up and give her a cuddle, give her the dummy and put her back to bed. chloe and kyle would sleep on their backs but cara would automatically roll on to her side or on her belly, this of course worried me because of sids but after talking to my baby health nurse she said not to worry and there would be no way to stop her from rolling on to her side or belly. sometimes when i put her to bed now i give her an extra dummy to hold on to or one of her smallish size teddies. i would sometimes get strange looks from people when i told them that my baby was still being wrapped at 9, 10, 11 months but i thought who were they to judge what i do, i know my baby the best not any one else. so if wrapping to you still feels right then do it.

chloe, kyle and cara's mum

Hi there

Don’t worry about it, if wrapping is what Luke wants and needs then as everyone now tells me, where is the harm. I too worried about the fact that I was still wrapping Tom at 7 mths (to me it seemed no one else was doing it), but after asking around at the hospital morning teas etc I found there are heaps of mum’s still wrapping. In fact there are at least 4 babies that I know of that were wrapped up until they were 15 mths old.

People would tell me they will grow out of it and Tom slowly is, we started loose wrapping during his day sleeps and slowly progressed to night, then no wrapping at all. I will admit there are occasions where I do sometimes still wrap if we are out and he is having difficulty going to sleep on his own, or if he is having a bad night and constantly wakes.

At the end of the day there is no effort in wrapping them and if they are happy you are happy.

Tom's Mum SA

Hi Luke's mum,

Corey is 8 1/2months old. We still wrap him for sleep, we have tried not wrapping him, but he won't settle down.

We are going to continue wrapping him until he protests about it.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

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