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Will formula make my baby sleep longer? Lock Rss

I have a 3 1/2 month old baby who has gone backwards in her sleeping patterns at night. She was doing one stint of 6-8 hrs but lately I am lucky if she does 3 hrs (it can sometimes be 1 1/2hrs before she wakes up). Shall I try giving formula as her last feed? Should this be at 6pm or wait until about 9pm? Or should I just hang in there and see how it pans out as she gets older?

Any advice would be great!

Shelley , NZ, Joshua 19/10/03

Hi there

it really depends on your bubs if formula will make her sleep longer at night. Some bubs it does help others not. She maybe going through a growth spurt at the moment and need extra milk.
If you do want to introduce formula, I would give it to her in her 6pm bottle, and then maybe a dreamfeed at about 9pm or 10pm.
Hope this helps

Yvonne, WA, Beautiful Baby Boy 29/11/2005

Hi I breastfed my baby girl untill she was 2 and a half months then I put her on formula. (because she wouldnt attach anymore).
But when I was breastfeeding she would wake up every 4 hours. Then when I was feeding her both breast and bottle I would give her Formula as the last feed around 9pm and she slept right through till 10am the next morning.
Now shes on full formula and she is sleeping all the way through.
But its up to you if you want to stop breatfeeding or not??
Also at my mums group they said your breast milk is nicer for the baby during the night. So they suggested to feed her an extra feed somewhere during the day. They also suggested not to feed everytime she wakes so she doesnt get used to the nicer milk.
But as I said its a personal choice. I hope I've helped in some way.
Mothers group helps me alot too.

Krystal, nsw, Charlotte 17.4.06

Hi Shelly,
I read some other replys and am going to put a spanner in the works. Mackie was BF until 4.5months and then introduced formula (we were losing too much weight, wasn't by choice) and i have to say she slept better and longer on BM. I would easily get 13hours sleep at night, now on formula i get 10 and she doen't settle as easy. I believe it depends on the child. Mackie started sleeping through at about 3week and then she went through a 'growth spurt' and was waking every 3 hours. We got through it though, and you will to, not matter what your choice. You know your baby best and there is a lot to be said for instinct.
Good Luck with it all..


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