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Baby Wakes at 4am!!! Lock Rss

Hello just wondering if any other bub wakes at 4am? After going to bed at 7.30Pm. Driving me crazy!! And does not sleep much during the day. Please Help me.

Net, QLD

Hi - how old is your bub? My DS is 3 months and wakes 2.30am and then either 5.30am or 6.30am. If he wakes at 5.30am it is a feed and then back to bed. If he wakes at 6.30am we are up for the day.

He sleeps well during the day - actually, this is a new thing. But I have to make sure he feeds 3 hourly and really gets a good feed. This includes both sides 2 times at least, a couple of burps and a nappy change - all up takes 45mins to 1 hour. Since we've been doing this, we get 1 1/2 hours in the morning, 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon and 1 hour in the evening and he is in bed by 6.30/7pm

Do you b/f or f/f?


I would try putting bub to bed before 7am. The logic behind this is that if they wake from a sleep cyclle and it is too light they will want to get up. Is the room dark enough?

Also I have read that if a bub gets up around 4 or 5am of a morning it may be the temperature. Too cool or hot. Before going to bed (i am a night owl) I throw another blanket on. If you are ever up around 4 you will always find it is much cooler just before the sun comes up.

Good luck!

Just letting you know that you are not the only one. Megan's sleep patterns are very erratic. She often does not sleep much during the day. I have tried to keep her up later at night, but she can barely keep her eyes open past 7pm. We are now occasionally having her sleep through to 5am, however some nights we have to settle her every few hours. I find routines help, and occasionally if she has slept to then, I bring her in with us and she will sleep for another hour or so. Thinking of you.

Jo, Eight Mile Plains, Megan 10/03/2006 No 2# due

Does your baby go back to sleep after the 4am feed? Molly woke up for an early morning feed till she was about 6mths old and now she sleeps through to 7 usually. But there are always things that disturb the routine, especially teething. Have you started solids yet, as he may be getting hungrier at night and having a bit to eat may help.
We also have a heater in her room that has a thermometor which really helps, as she use to wake up with freezing hands...

Sonya, baby Molly 22/11/05

maybe try putting bubs down earlier, if he is not sleeping much during the day then he is probably waking due to overtiredness. He could be going down maybe at 6, sounds crazy i know, but keeping them up later doesn't make them sleep longer in the morning!! worth a try!! good luck.

Jodee,W.A,20month baby

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