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7mth baby boy hard to settle Lock Rss

how can i settle my 7 month old boy down. he cries and cries until we pick him up and the only way i get him to sleeo is if i rock him. i have tried to get him in to a routine but i just cant. please help as this is my first child.

sarah, 7mth, baby boy

This sounds like a tough one to answer, especially not knowing all the circumstances....

With the crying, I would want to make sure there was nothing wrong health wise.

With the crying until picked up, and rocking until put to sleep you can probably change this but it will be hard as he has been conditioned to this.

All I would recommend is to do some reading. Read a couple of books (try the library, free websites, books, etc) and find a routine that YOU think will suit your little boy. Try and put it in place, remember it will take time as he is now 7months old, but from everthing we are told babies they love routine.

Also, depending on where you live, you may have access to sleep schools, etc.
I read a fantastic book called BabyWise and it's all about how to get your baby into a routine so that they sleep through the night. I've used the techniques with my little one and they really work. Might be worth a read.

Louise, NZ


There is a book called Sleep Right Sleep Tight and it was the basis of a sleep session I went to at the Baby Health Clinic.

I thought the ideas in it were good and the fact that it was something that the Baby Health Clinic used made me feel better about it too.

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