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Taking the step of putting baby to bed awake? Lock Rss

Hello, I have a beautiful 5 month old baby boy, Ben, who is my second baby. The first is now 9 years old so this is like going through having a first baby all over again! I have to admit that I have been very, very bad and have always rocked Ben to sleep then put him down. Although I keep thinking I have to stop this I refuse to feel guilty about doing it. However, now that he is almost six months the time has come to bite the bullet and change my habits. What I'd like is advice from others as to the easiest, stressless way to do it, tips about how long to wait before giving up, etc. He actually has been sleeping through the night from four months and will wake and put himself back to sleep during the night. He also quite often wakes as I put him down during the day and just looks around, rolls onto his side and then goes to sleep most of the time. I'm sure he is ready for the next step - it's just MY habit I need to break! We are going away for a week shortly and I thought when we get back is the time to change so I am looking forward to any ideas.
Hi Amanda,

Hopefully you should get lots of great advice from other mums who have been there before!

What i do is turn on his Fisher-Price Aquarium. It just gives him something to focus on rather than crying to sleep! I rarely turn it on twice, so that means he falls asleep in 5mins.

This may not work for everyone, but maybe you could get him a special toy for bedtime! Beware not to overstimulate him though!

Best of luck, and i'm sure you will get heaps more ideas!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Amanda,
My daughter is now 10 months and from about 7 months has been able to settle herself to sleep of a night. When I put her down I wind up her musical doll to listen to and she drifts off listening to that.
Background music is ideal as it gives them something else to concentrate on.
Sometimes when she is teething she won't settle and them I rock her for a couple of minutes, but now that is once is a blue moon.
Hope my suggestion helps.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Can i ask why you want to stop? If you are enjoying this and so is your beautiful contented son then why do you want to change this habit? As you must realise time goes by too quickly and before you know it he wont want to have a cuddle at all! I hope you don't stop because of someone's notion that this is a bad thing because I think it is loving and sweet to spend time with your baby before bed.
Hi Amada,

I have a gorgeous 11 month old baby girl, who refuses to go to sleep without being rocked. I have been trying to get her to sleep without being rocked for a few months. I too would like her to go to sleep without being rocked, as she is starting to get a little heavy!!

I have tried the background music, musical mobile and even sitting there holding her hand. I have also tried letting her cry, but after 90 minutes of crying she still will not sleep. Nothing works!!!!

Are there any other suggestions??

Rachel, Vic

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