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Wrapping ..... Lock Rss

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to wean my 6 month old from wrapping with limited success, however, I came up with a different system last night and thought there may be others who would be interested.

I think it will help with weaning - particularly for those who aren't having success with the one arm out strategy.

Ok - here is what I did. Take a square wrap (I used a soft stretchy cotton wrap); fold one corner over (traditional wrap style); place baby in usual spot. Take right hand edge - fold over arm and then under back. Take left hand edge, fold over arm and under back. Done!!

You need to make sure that it is smooth under back and that each side is pulled over to the opposite side (if that makes sense) - this will help ensure that there is no escape.

Advantages: keeps hands away from face. Provides the advanatges of wrapping with out having the extra heat by wrapping over the stomach etc. Allows some movement of the arms, but not enough to disturb.

So I guess to wean - you could just keep making it looser and looser.

By the way - I asked my Dr today if it was bad that I was still wrapping my son and he said - quite simply - no.....

Thought this might help others who are worried about wrapping.

Hi Poppy2
My 8mth old has been wrapped until now, she has slept 12 hours a night since 7 weeks old, and simply loved to be wrapped.
Though now she is big and strong I cant keep her wrapped...may be its a sign to stop??
So for the last week I have not been wrapping her, it has worked ok, except she has also cut her 2nd tooth this week, and the last few nights has been waking around midnight. She seems to wake herself up rubbing her eyes and bumping her face. The only way to settle her quickly is for me to give her a few minutes at the breast and put her back. If I dont feed her we can be up for an hour, with her getting really worked up.
Im finding it hard to know if its the teeth or being unwrapped or she is forming a habbit that I respond too!
If I dont have any success over the next few nights I will give your idea a go.


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