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Help! What do i do? Lock Rss

I have a nearly 8 month old baby girl who has always been easy to put to bed at night time. We have a routine - bath, bottle, burp and cuddle then bed. This has been fine and she has always gone down without a peep and will be asleep within 5 minutes of puttting her down. But the last week or so she has been terrible. She screams and screams and screams untill me or my husbund go in and pick her up or just stand there so she can see one of us. She will nod off to sleep but as soon as we put her back to bed or leave the room she wakes up and the whole saga starts again. What do i do. Do i leave her to cry it out? Or should i pick her up?? I just hate hearing her cry especially when i know its beacsue she wants to be picked up sad PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Mum 2 Madison 2 & Lucas 7 months


We are having a similar problem with our 7 month old son. They tell me its "separation anxiety" and it normally happens at around 7 to 8 months. All i can suggest is what some else told me and that's control crying, mind you I tried it today and failed. It might work for you but you may need to research it for your self as I don't know enough about it to teach.
Hope you have some luck.

Belinda, NSW, 7mth son

sounds like you dd is in the same routine as my 12 month old

i think before you let her cry you should try to rule out as many things as possible

check her gums for teething?
does she have a temperature?
i never used to check my dd tonails and she started waking up screaming, then one day i looked very close and she had 2 ingrowns, i managed to pull them out and chew them off, she slept through!!!

good luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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