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9 month old day naps??? Lock Rss

Hi my gorgeous baby boy has been a pretty good sleeper, but it seemed that as soon as he turned 9 months he has decided that he is too old to sleep during the day.

He used to have two good day sleeps of at least an hour - wake at 6.30am, sleep 9am wake 10.15am, sleep 2.30pm awake 3.30pm, bed 6.15pm.

He is pretty grumpy if he doesn't nap and he is a little more difficult to get to sleep at night.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is it usual for babies to drop a nap at about 9 months?


NSW, DS 31 Jan 2003, DD 15 Aug 2006

hi i also have a nine month old who sleeps all night
he did cut down his day sleeps as soon as he turned nine months now three weeks later he is having two day sleeps now for two hours at a time, maybe he is having a growth spurt
but i read that nine month old babies are meant to have eleven hours at night and two and a half hours in the day

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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