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Has anyone had a baby who will not sleep anywhere other than their own cot? Will not sleep in the pram and when they are extremely tired and you are out, will not sleep while being cuddled or fed etc, just fights and gets into a state but WILL NOT SLEEP.

Im just wondering, does this change at any point? Do they get to a point where they will start sleeping anywhere again or should I be prepared for having to arrange every outing for ever and a day around my sons sleep?

I was told this changes and Im wondering if it changed for you, what age did it change? I miss being able to cuddle my little man while he sleeps.

My son is 6mths old.

my son wont sleep anywhere else but he will go in his pram thank god.
he too doesnt like being nursed.
im sure it will pass though

Hi there,
Both of my girls wouldnt sleep anywhere but their cot.
I just got used to going out around their sleep times.
At around 10 months my eldest started cat napping in the pram occasionally, but my youngest who is now 9 1/2 months just wont! I've given up trying, but I know that she will last about 3 hours while I'm out, which is about all I need to get things done.
I know how frustrating it is as nearly all my friends who have babies sleep anywhere.
I know that this doesnt help you at all, but at least you know you're not alone.
Good luck with everything and I hope other mums will post some suggestions that may help.

Delma, Vic, Mum to Keeley and Ella

My daughter slept anywhere until she was about 5 or 6 months when she realised who was her mum and dad and where she lived, she occasionally sleeps in the pram when she is tired, she will sleep in the car but if we are at someone elses house she will NOT go to sleep if she is over there all day getting babysat she wont go to sleep but when she is at home she will have a 2 or 3 hour nap during the day and at night sleeps up to 15 hours she loves her own home and cot. She rarely falls asleep in my arms as soon as she has her last bottle for the night I take her straight into her cot and she falls asleep. She likes to roll around and get comfterable rather than being held tightly.
Occaisonally she sleeps over at her nans but we have had a few times when we have had to pick her up because she was screaming then as soon as we would get home she would start laughing and we would put her to bed and she would go to sleep with no hassle at all.


Hi ladies. Sorry, I should have thanked you for your replies before now. Anyway, onto some good news, Sams about 7mths old now and hes starting to fall asleep in my arms again if we are out and hes really really tired!!! This is so exciting as this hasn't happened for about 5 months at least. Thanks again for your replies. Its good to know Im not alone in having a fussy sleeper
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