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hi there
i was just interested in other mums opinions of grobags and if they have worked well for you.
my 1 year old doesnt sleep under the covers all night as he wriggles a lot and i dont want him to get cold in winter and i was reading on the grobags as you dont need blankets for them.
any advice would be great as they are expensive ($85 for his size) and i dont want to buy it if they dont work that well.

thanks hope to hear from you soon.


Debbie, VIC, Brad 2, Josh 3 Mth

Yes i feel they are expensive.
I used sleeping bags that i have brought through Target and Big W and they work really well as my little girls moves around alot in her sleep.They especially worked well on recent camping trip.
I dress my daugheter lighter or heavier underneath depending on the weather to make sure she isn't to hot or too cold.

Hope this is a help

thanks very much for getting back to me. i think i will try a target brand first and see how he goes.
thanks again


Debbie, VIC, Brad 2, Josh 3 Mth

I was just wondering how the grobags differ to the all in one baby grows that have covered feet. Do the grobags keep bubs warmer than the all in ones Cheers:)

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

I bought two grobags for my 9 month old daughter. I actually got them from the sale catalogue (end of design stock). They still cost around $60 each, but I wouldnt be without them. I find that there is a lot of room in the bags and I'll get at least 12 months out of them. I dress my daughter according to the temperature in her room. If its to hot I only put a singlet on her and pop her into the light weight bag. At least I know if it cools down during the night she will still be warm. If it is cold I dress her in an all in one and put her in the quilted bag. She is so toasty in the morning.
She has slept so well since I have bought them, and she knows its bed time when I pop her into them.
I bought Target, Myer brands for my first daughter and ended up buying a couple as she grew out of them too quick.
It would probably pay to buy a cheaper brand to see if your little one likes them.
Hope I've been of help

Delma, Vic, Mum to Keeley and Ella

Wow, didn't realise grobags cost that much! I have been considering one as our 5mth moves around his cot like nothing else, but think I will settle for the other cheaper brands.
I do have a question though for anyone who uses the sleeping bags - will bubba still be able to roll over, as he does this a lot and I think if he was restricted from doing so then he would get cranky. I have no dramas with him exploring his cot, but would like him to keep warm!
Also has anyone used the polar fleece? From what I've heard, it doesn't breathe too well and bubba sweats like a pig as it is - I don't want to overheat or make him uncomfortable.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

Hi Dessa,
I used a polar fleece sleeping bag for my son last winter when he was about six months old. He could move around and roll over while in it. He didn't sweat a lot while in it but I dressed him fairly lightly though.

My babies are all grown up sad

My little one is 9 1/2 months old and still, fortunately doesnt roll around in her cot. She is a lazy little bub though. Doesnt do much of anything except sitting!
Anyway I tend to tuck the end of the grobag down in between the end of the cot and the mattress, just in case, and then securely tuck the blankets in nice and tight around her.
With the sleeping bags at least they are not going to get their legs stuck through the cot.
I had a polar fleece bag for my first daughter, and I too thought that they got too hot in them so I tended to use it more like a dressing gown, as the bottom of it unbuttoned.
If youre worried about overheating, just dress him a bit lighter underneath, that should help.
Hope this helps.
Take care

Delma, Vic, Mum to Keeley and Ella

Grobags are waaaaay too expensive in my opinion. There is a fantastic range of sleeping bags in Big W, Kmart, and Target. They all do the same thing for a fraction of the price. Especially as you have to keep upgrading when they get bigger.
Grobags are way too expensive I reckon too!! I checked out the ones in Big W, K Mart etc, but they are all polyester etc. My bub has to have 100% cotton... I found a couple of brands Halo Baby plus Living Textiles make nice cotton sleeping bags - their summer ones are $24, and winter ones around $36. They are very similar to grobags... Babies Galore stock both brands, am sure other places do as well. My bub is very active in his cot, and they havent restricted his movement, he can even stand in them! However he does know it is time for bed when I put it on which is great. He is now asleep at night in less than 10 minutes when it used to take up to an hour!!! I love his sleeping bag!

Suz, NSW

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