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Has anyone had their daughters ears pierced? how old were they??

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi Aimee,
I had my daughter's ears done when she was 10 months old, but I had a lot of trouble finding someone to do it, they all said they dont like seeing babes upset so they prefer them to be over 2, my daughter was fine, just do it quick as possible. Good luck

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi Mandy,

I went to the doctors today to get her ears pierced and they said not until 8 months, thats 2 doctors with 2 different opinoins. I will be getting them done when shes 8 months like the doctor said. How did your daughter react? i know she willcry but what else did she do?


Aimee, 4 year old princess

hi aimee, i am getting my babys ears pierced in two weeks at a local jewel store they do it from six months at first i was scared of what people would think if she cries when she is getting them done, but they told me they do many babys and said it,s best to do it before they are one or wait until they are about five so i am choosing to do it now, i will get back to you and let you no how it went. nikki

thanks nikki, please let me know hoe your daughter reacted.mines getting hers at 8 months thats the earliest our doctor will do them


Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi all I had my daughters ears pierced when she was 1 it is hard to find people who will pierce them when they are that young so you might have to look around. The chemist that pierced Ashlyns did both ears at the same time. Within a few minutes she was laughing.
hi aimee, well i went to get lillas ears peirced and she would not even let the lady put the pen mark on her ear. this was not out of fear it is because she is strong willed and pushes people away when she does not want to be bothered(i am flat out getting a hair clip in) we are giving it another go today and if she resists then we will leave it for another couple of months. nikki

hey nikki,

how did it go? did you get them pierced today or are you going to wait/

Aimee, 4 year old princess

hi aimee, still no go but we have just noticed her eye teeth have cut threw so maybe teething and ear peircing was to much, plus she has a little cold. my husband does not understand all the fuss and said all you have 2 do is hold her head,she is one strong little girl and i am scared she will throw herself backwards and end up with a pierced eyebrow anyway you may end up getting it done before me. i no people are very touchy about this subject but i really cant wait to get it done,but i will certainly be waiting until she has settled down a little. who no,s it may be another month or two but i will keep trying. nikki

hi nikki,

one month to go and she wll get hers done after the 8 month injections. i cant wait as well, her father wants themdone as much as i do. ive been told to give them a bottle or breast while they get them done, or get both done at once (i wont be giving her any breast with 4 sharp teeth no way )

hope your daughter gets better, mines got a runny cold s i have been sick the last few days.


Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi Aimee, I had my daughters ears done when she was 5 months at a jewelry shop. It was so easy. But make sure they have two guns to do both ears at the same time. She only cryed for 10 seconds and that was it. She didnt even know they were there after that. They look so cute. She has had them for 6 weeks and no problems at all. She never touches them either.

hey sarah,
will be getting my daughters ears done when i finish my training and just before i start work the next week !! i am getting nervous !!!


Aimee, 4 year old princess

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