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8.5 mth old trouble settling and not sleeping through night - tried everything Lock Rss

My 6.5 mth old daughter has never slept through the night. We have been to sleep school twice and tried various settling techniques such as patting, rocking, dummy etc. We have also applied the feed play sleep routine. Tried mums tshirt in the cot, music, massage, controlled crying method and none of the above have worked. I have perservered with the constant crying from leaving her in her cot but she just will not self settle. She insists on standing up in the cot and screaming for hrs. She also does not sleep for long during the day (can take 1hr to get her to sleep for 1/2 hr) and at one point in time was waking 10 times a night. Now it's averaging 2-4 times a night. I feel her at 11ish and then again once at about 4-5am. I can't perservere anymore and would like to know any other tips that someone may have. I am breastfeeding. Am I doing something wrong or this just how she is?

Nicole, VIC, March06 girl

Hi Nicole,

I'm no expert but got a couple of tips from friends of mine as my son wasn't sleeping through either at that age.

She might be too hot or cold?
Maybe try a grobag. They give just the right amount of warmth in certain conditions. They come with a chart and thermometer.

She might be hungry?
Does she seem hungry when you feed her at 11 and 4-5am?
Have you started solids yet? I started to introduce more carbs and protein at night so it was more filling for him and it tied him over till the morning.

I did both these things, and I will admit it took about a month or so before he started to sleep through. Some of the problems for us too was teething. So once he stopped that it helped also.

What is her routine roughly like?

Hope this is some help. You're doing nothing wrong, so get that out of your head right now. It takes a while to get used to our little ones and work out what works for them [every baby is different]. It took me a while anyway. It does get better.

Hi Nicole,

I am absolutely no expert on this whole baby thing - but am constantly reading books and websites. It may be worth trying to make your daughter's afternoon sleep earlier.

In alot of the books I have read and the info from baby health clinic - they say that if you have the baby nap too late in the afternoon - it makes it quite hard to get them to go to sleep at night.

Our rough day is (and I mean rough) - up between 6 and 7 - back down at 9ish - up again at 11ish - lunch/play - back to bed about 2. Then no matter what time my baby wakes up he stays up then till between 6.30 and 7.

My little boy is nearly 8 months.

I guess each baby is so different - but it could be worth a try.

good luck - hope you get some sleep soon. We have had rough patches too - so I know how hard it is when sleep hard to find.

You are not alone. DD2 is the same age and exactly the same in the sleeping department. Only that when she wakes she tends to wka for an hour or more. At its worst (waking every hour or 2) we went to a sleep school for a 10 night stay and nothing improved! I was told to ride it out!! We have managed to get her to self settle during the day but she wont at night. If I feed her at night she seems hungry but then other night she will go from 7pm till 6am without a feed.

DD1 was also an awful sleeper. You are not doing anything wrong. My new Paediatrition was telling me that in his experience babies who dont sleep well tend to have strong, independent, outgoing personality traits. All things you will want in an older child lol!

for what its worth, DD2's routine is usually:

630am wake up and bf
7am breakfast
9am nap usually 2 hrs, sometimes only 1 hr
12 bf
1230 lunch
2pm nap usually 1 to 1.5 hrs
5pm bf
530 dinner
6pm bath
7pm top up bf and bed

*insert anything from 1 to 5 wakings*

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

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