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Does Sleeping With Baby Lead To Future Problems. Rss

Hi there, I have a 10 month old that we have been having sleeping problems with since he learnt to pull himself up into standing posi about 2 months ago. He goes down alright at bedtime but when he wakes during the night it doesn't matter how asleep Zac is once the railing is pulled up and clicks into place, he is up on his feet and crying before we can get to the door. A month ago we decided to stop this by taking his mattress out of the cot and putting it on the floor. This worked for a couple of weeks but he is back to waking up 2-3 times a night.

To get some sleep we have been bringing him into our bed. I believe that this has contributed to the problem but a person can only go without a decents nights sleep for so long. My poor partner works so hard and has big shadows under his eyes at the moment. We have tried controlled crying and also just leaving him to cry himself to sleep, but he does not respond well to it and is very distraught and clingy when he wakes up.

My partner and I are contemplating buying him a big bed (either a king single or a double) so that if he wakes during the night and refuses to self settle we can just jump in bed with him. Neither of us mind bed-hopping to get some sleep, and at least he will be sleeping in his own bed and not in ours. We will do this untill he has the confidence to sleep through the night by himself (hopefully this won't go on for too long).

I'd like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this, especially those with older children who they might have co-slept with. Does anyone think that this will lead to him continuing to have sleeping problems until he is 3 or 4 years old?


3year old wonderful little helper

co-sleeping is the norm in most parts of the world, its actually been said to help a childs self esteem independance etc etc etc, its not a bad thing its not a rod for your back, if its what you want to do, and its how you can get some sleep then go for it! alot of familys put a single bed next to mum and dads bed or do what you plan to do, at one point or another all my children have slept with me in my bed, and im so glad that i did because it meant some sleep for me! just be aware though that sometimes you can be woken by an accidental kick in the head! (ouch) oh and to answer your question most kids that co-sleep at some point around 3 to 4 ask to sleep in there own bed by themselves and sleep really well too! good luck i hth

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Hi, I don't see any problem with co-sleeping. I do it time to time with my DS if he is having a bad night.
We were also having problems with our son when the railing was clicked into place - so we permantely leave it up. I am pretty short so it is a bit of a stretch for me to lay him in his cot, but at least he settles.
As for future problems, I can't say from my own experience as my son is only 10 months. Although one of my girlfriends DD was a terrific sleeper until she was about 18/24months when she would wake every night and climb into bed with her Mum and Dad. It got to the point where they permantely had a mattress made up on the floor in their room which she would sleep on every night. Eventually around 4 she started sleeping through in her own bed every other night, until now she always sleeps in her own bed.
I guess just do what is right for you and your partner now.

DS 24.01.06 DD 31.07.08

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