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12 month old's sleeping habits Lock Rss

Hey again,

Just wondering what other parents' 12 months old bubs are doing in relation to their sleeping habits?? Over the last week my son has decided he will only sleep in the morning and wants to stay up all afternoon ad be a grumpy bum!

Then when he we try to put him to bed for the night, he gets very distressed and tries to stay up all night!

Anyone having the same problems? Or know why?? Could it just be a growth spurt unsettling him? Or the hot weather we have been having?

Let me know girls! Thank you! xox
At 12 mths a lot of babies are trying to drop to one day sleep. Can you keep him up until later i the morning? I would assume the problems you are having at night is because he is overtired. I remember I had a struggle pushing DD1's morning sleep to later. She used to have a 1030am sleep , then we pushed it to 11, then 1130 then 12 and she has only just stopped her 1pm nap. She is nearly 3.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Hi Laura,

My DS who has just turned one has cut himself back to one sleep. He was doing the same thing as your son wanting to play all day and then get grumpy.

What I have done is this. He gets up at about 8.00am and we have breakfast. He then plays for a little while while I do the housework. At about 10.30 we go for a walk either in the pram or I push him in his car. We normally get home around 11.30 then I get his lunch ready and we eat at about 12.00pm By the time he has had lunch a little play it is about 1.30-2.00pm. This is when I put him down to sleep. He normally sleeps for about 2-3 hours.

I found this works well for us. You can adjust the times to suit you. I just found that being out in the fresh air - he loves it.

On really hot days we go to the pool. This is his favourite thing in the world.

Good luck, I hope you can take something from this.
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