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Unwrapping herself Lock Rss

Hi, my little girl Ella is 5 months old, i wrap her to put her to bed, she's put herself off to sleep since she was about 6 weeks old.. i wrap her and put her into her cot then go back in and check on her after a few minutes. usually by this time she's either totally unwrapped herself and kicked off her blankets and pushed herself up the top of the cot, or like today, kicked off her blankets and rolled onto her stomach arms still wrapped. I've tried not wrapping her but she wont settle at all just throws her arms around.

Any suggestions on how i can contain my little escape artist??


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

We have exactly the same problem! My Emma is also 5 months old. She kicks until she is unwrapped, the blankets are off and then she also does the cot rock. Her cot is elevated and most times she rolls down the hill, although I have been told to keep the wedge in. Like you, when I put Emma to bed unwrapped she just doesn't settle well. HELP!!

Janette, NSW

My little boy never liked to be wrapped, but when he finally went into his cot he would also end up at the top of the cot with no blankets on. I now use what is called a "T-sleep" which is wrapped around the mattress and then there is a part which you wrap around the middle of their body. You can not tuck his arms in, but it does prevent them from moving in the bed. Maybe the tightness around the body is all Ella will need to make her feel secure. Good luck.

Deena NZ New mum

Hi, I'm so pleased other people have the same problem, My mum keeps telling me that at least it shows she has initiative and is active minded.... small consilation when you try for over an hour to get the little dears off to sleep... last night i just let her go (usually i go back in and wrap her 4 or 5 times) and after about an hour she fell asleep, unwrapped with her head almost touching the top of the cot... rat bag!

Deena I havent heard of a T-sleep before, where did you get it?


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl
Hi Bel, I was given one but have a look at this website. It is a great invention - hopefully you can buy these over there. Good luck

Deena NZ New mum

Have you ever thought of trying a sleeping bag. I used one for my first baby when he started unwrapping himself and bingo he slept very soundly through the night. I don't know if you've come across them before but basically it's a bag at the bottom and you can either get them with or without long sleeves. I'm just about to invest in one for my second boy now who is four months old and doing exactly the same as yours.

Sarbear, Vic


Thanks for the idea, I'll look into getting one of them!

She's actually doing ok now, she unwraps herself and moves herself around the cot but has finally started putting herself of to sleep (touch wood), I usually go in to check on her and she's on her side with her head down the bottom of the cot or like yesterday fell asleep with her legs stuck out between the rails at the head of the cot.... so long as she's getting herself to sleep is the main thing i guess hey!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi my daughter Ava can only sleep soundly if wrapped. She has a huge obsession with eating her hands and everything else so as soon as she became unwrapped she would wake up and stay awake until rewrapped. My husband and were pulling out our hair because we devised all types of wraps but Ava always seemed to be able to get her hands out eventually. Anyway now we have found a really easy way of wrapping her and for the last 3 weeks she goes to bed wrapped and wakes up wrapped. Ava is now fully focused on sleeping rather than eating her hands which means extra sleep for hubby and I. THANKGOD!!!!
Hi Ava's Mum
I have a beautiful 5 month old little girl and am having exactly the same problem as what you have had with Ava. How are you now wrapping her so she is staying wrapped?

Kellie, WA

Hi Kellie

Oh god I feel sorry for you, at one stage the whole wrapping thing was doing my head in.

I tried explaining the wrap in words but it's very difficult therefore I've drawn you up a diagram.

Do you have an email address I can send it to??????

Hi Avas Mum,

I am having the same problem, if you would be able to email me the diagram (if that is no trouble) I would be most grateful. My email is [email protected] Any further tips would be absolutely wonderful because Mackenzie just wont stay wrapped and therefore is not sleeping all that well. She wont let us put her down unwrapped either.


Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie


I found a terrific way of wrapping Ella on the karitan (dont know if thats right spelling now... ) its the nsw sleep clinic place. Anyway it worked really really well!!!

But since i have stopped wrapping Ella completely. I just tried putting her down and handing her her wrap so she could snuggle up to it and after a few goes at failing and having to wrap her one time she just took it and went to sleep.......... amazing!!! I guess they just decide when they're ready to stop being wrapped?

thanks guys for all your comments and suggestions!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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