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HELP ME!my 8mth old is waking every few hours again. Lock Rss

hi, my little girl has slept threw since she was 10 weeks old and in the last month she can wake about 4 times a night. at first i just had to put her dummy in but the last week she cry,s and stays awake for up to 3 hours. i sometimes find myself driving the streets to get her back to sleep. she has been teething for a couple of weeks the 4 top ones all at once and i no this may have something to do with it and to make it harder the poor little angel has now got a cold and last night could not stop coughing. i would love to no if anyone else is going threw night waking again and what you have done to get things back into order. i spent a week at a sleep clinic when lilla was 6 weeks so i no all the settling techs, i am just afraid i am going to have to teach her how to settle herself again and doing this is so overwelming for me. i am afraid this night waking will continue into her toddler years and become a major sleeping issue we will have alot of trouble overcoming. any advise would be great i am desperate and tired. nikki

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Hi Nikki

My son slept through from 9 weeks old, but when he was about 7 months old started refusing to go to sleep at night - he didn't wake through the night but just wouldn't settle at bedtime when before he would go off to sleep by himself really easily. Anyway our nurse suggested it was probably separation anxiety - apparently most babies experience this to some degree at around 8 months. She suggested to give him lots of reassurance to make him feel secure and to continue with our usual settling techniqes. She also said that once babies are able to settle themselves even when they go through difficult stages like this they will always go back to being good sleepers as long as you keep up with your usual routines. Of course they need extra attention when ill or suffering discomfort from teething - but once that all passes just continue with your usual routine. Maybe contact the sleep clinic you went to and ask them for some advice.

I hope things improve for you both soon.

Take care
thanks maria, last night was so hard i was up for 4 hours she just wanted to play,and when i lied her down she screamed. took her to the doctor today,poor little darling has a middle ear infection, so she is on another dose of medicine,sadly she is coughing alot it breaks my heart to see her so sad. but on the up side it is 10.30 and she has not stired since 6.30 pm. fingers crossed we can get the sleeping all night happening again soon as i get so emotional being awake and not being able to comfort her during the dark night hours. thankyou for your advise it helps to talk to other mothers. nikki

hi jasmine, thankyou that is comforting to no she still may resettle herself when she gets better(i have had to do some rocking)as she now has a middle ear infection and is very upset in the middle of the night, i am still alittle worried because my little lilla is a head strong little lady and i have been teaching settling techs since she was 6 weeks old ,she slept well at night but still not self settling in the day. i have noticed separation anxiety lately(she is stuck to my hip) i no things will get better i am just a little teary at the moment and very tired. thankyou so much for your advise i will take it on board and stay strong. have a great mothers day and take care. nikki

Hi Nikki,

I have a 6 month old son - he started sleeping through from about 3.5 months, however, for the last couple of weeks he has been waking (always at the same time!!) 12.40pm - I too have been getting up and giving him the dummy and he does go back to sleep, however, he then continually wakes for his dummy until about 3am (so I'm in and out of bed for this time) until he finally goes back to sleep until 6am. I am finding it very frustrating and have no idea why he has started waking again - I have tried extra blankets at night as it is so much colder, however, this has not worked!! I am thinking about trying to wean him off the dummy and start controlled crying, however, I know that to do that I really have to be committed and am not sure if I am ready to do that yet!!

Trish - mum to Louis & Olivia

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