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3 1/2 months. Is it possible to self settling without crying? Lock Rss

I have a 3 1/2 months old DS. I started to let him do self settle two weeks ago. The past weeks were okay. He could self settle himself sometimes but often that he needs help to settle. Sometimes he just grizzled before falling alseep. Often he cried out loud for 5 minutes and then fell asleep.

Is it possible to self settle without crying? I have tried patting, face stroking, body rocking. None of these works. He would not stop crying. What I did is leaving the room and came back every 4-5 minutes or sooner than that if he is hysterical.

I Would like to know if there is any baby can self settle without crying everytime put to bed? It is hard hearing him cry several times a day.

Also he cannot sleep longer than 40 minutes. He always woke up and cried to be picked up. I know he was still tired. Why cannot he resettle himself? Any idea or suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

Armi 4mo. The Cat napper.

Hi, My DD has always been a horrible day sleeper. Today I turned on the beeps on her monitor (we have an angelcare monitor that monitors sound and movement) The monitor makes a small beep sound every few seconds. We never turned the beeps on because they are annoying but I did today and it seemed to work because she has slept for two blocks of two hours today. i turned it on cos someone told me that a constant sound can help them soothe themselves back to sleep.
Makes a much nicer change than hysterics every time i put her to bed!!
My second bub is nearly 4 months old and I won't leave her to cry either. I've got a three year old as well, so I've been letting her self-settle all her life.

What works for us is that I wrap her, pick her up and cuddle her upright (in case there are any last minute burps) with her back against my chest (so there's no eye contact) and hum a little... Only for about 1 minute or until she's calm if she's overtired and cranky. Then I put her in the cot (no eye contact) and walk out and hide around the corner.

If she grumbles or whimpers I leave her but if she cries I pick her up and repeat above. This takes anywhere from no time at all (stays down first time and drifts off to sleep) to 20 minutes. It works really well for us; she has 3 sleeps a day- last one is usually 1 sleep cycle (45 min) and other two are 2-3 cycles. The exception to this is going to bed for the night when I want as much milk in her as she can take, so I feed her off to sleep. Best of luck!
This morning he was hysterical still. I could not stop him from crying. So I had to pick him up and gave him a feed to cool him down and put him to bed while he still awake. He went off to sleep in no time. Am i wrong? It is really hard to stop my baby's crying.

I still wish I could put him to bed without crying. Your advice is welcome. Thank you.

Armi 4mo. The Cat napper.

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