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Safe T Sleep escapers Lock Rss

Hi my 8 month boy has slept in a safe t sleep since he was about 3 weeks old, he is 8 months now and has just started to turn over in it, onto his tummy. It doesn't matter how tight I do it, he always squirms until he has turned over then screams cause he is stuck to the mattress! He is pulling so hard he has stretched the stitches! He seems fine in it at night just happens in the day. I just put him down for his morning sleep without it and it took an hour to put him to sleep, and he finally fell asleep with his face into the mattress and I'm certainly not willing to move him!! Just wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem?

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

We don't use one but have been told that you can use safety nappy pins to attach the safe t sleep to your childs clothes. Might help, other wise he is probably old enough to go without it. He will soon learn how to put himself to sleep quickly.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

hi liam's mum,
my 11 month old daughter is a squirmy worm in hers too and inevitably winds up face down with her bum in the air!
at 8 months it should be alright for your son to be tummy sleeping but maybe do the safetsleep a little looser so that her can turn back if he wants too. this is what i do for ella.
i still use it as it stops her from standing up in her cot and waking herself up during the night and keeps her from worming herself into the cot bars!

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

Thanks Mel, I'll definately give that a go!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy


I was actually going to place a post with the same subject until i came across yours, i brought a safe t sleep a couple of months ago and it worked wonders, but now is a different story, Maddisyn now escapes from it by undoing it, little bugger, and then she rolls around and gets stuck or knocks her head on the side of the cot.
I thought i had solved my problems as this is suppose to be able to be used until they are 3 years, guess our little angels are alot more clever than we give them credit for.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
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