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I paid to see a sleep specialist Lock Rss

Hi everyone I have a four month old daughter named Ava, she has never really been a good sleeper however from approx 9 weeks she used to be put down at 7pm, wake at 3.30am for a feed and then wake around 6.30am. My husband and I were really happy with her night sleeping but she was only getting about half an hour thru the day so we thought we'd take some advice of a sleep specialist. Her methods really made sense and she spoke alot about the tones of Ava's crys and her not fighting us to go to sleep but fighting herself cos she didn't know how to put herself to sleep. Anyhow after two agonising weeks we finally had Ava sleeping three times a day for roughly 1.5hours but having to put her dummy back in to resettle after 40 mins. For those of you wondering why your baby wakes after 40 mins this is because a baby has two sleep cycles the first 40 mins is light sleep and if your baby manages to bridge over past 40 mins they put themselves into a much deeper sleep hense staying there alot longer. Well things were perfect there for a fortnight but now unfortunatley we wish we'd never sort the help in first place. Ava is no longer sleeping during the day and the nights are hell. She takes anywhere from 1 to three hours to putdown and then only stays asleep for about 4 hours. Everyone tells me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and with age her sleep will get better. She is fully breastfed i've tried to put her on formula recently when I came down with a bout of Gastro however she simply refuses to take the bottle. I've started giving her some farex at night but this hasn't helped things much at all. Any advice would be helpful...Thanks
I sympathise with your situation.I really have no answers for you i just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.My almost six month old son hasn't slept for more than three hours at a time since the day he was born. I also have three older sons.I am absolutely exhausted, and get no time to recharge my batteries.I went to a sleep clinic also,but i couldn't stand to hear my baby screaming. He was so upset, and it broke my heart. So now i am just clinging to the hope that he will improve in time.I want you to know that there are others in the same situation as yourself. I really hope your little girl sleeps for you soon. Maybe increasing the amount of solids you are giving her may help ? ( although for my son it did nothing ) Take care, and good luck. gasp).

Cathryn , Vic , 4 sons, youngest born in June ' 03

Hi there

If you are willing to give anything a go, an article in the Nov issue of Practical Parenting magazine gave me the idea of taking my son to a Cranial Osteopath.

Basically my son from newborn to 6 months cried all the time and rarely slept. He would have maybe 3x45 min naps per day if I was lucky!

So at 8 months old I took him to see an osteopath who also deals with babies and from the third session onwards he was sleeping so much better! He is now 10 months old and has 3 naps a day (usually between 1-2 hours each nap!) and he finally slept through the night without waking up every 1-2 hours and screaming!

The osteopath gently massaged his head (it seriously looks like nothing is being done as the massage is so light) and said this was to align the points in his head. Apparently a stressful childbirth can cause excessive crying and sleep problems. I had even taken him to sleep school previously and 7 weeks of controlled crying made no difference to him. This was the only thing that worked!

Anyway if you want more info then just ask but if you are willing to give anything a go...then why not try it.


Me: 27, DH: 31, DS 31/01/03 & DD 05/05/05...

I'd love to know more about the cranial osteopath. i too have been struggling with a baby that dosen't sleep. i've endured weeks of controlled crying and postive routine management, with what feels like little effect. I'm now considering the osteopath, or a chiropracter. is 8 mths now too old to take to a osteopath? is it expensive? and where are experienced osteopaths available, as i live in central queensland. Love to know more about these details if you can help.

Bronwyn, QLD, 8mth baby

Hi Bronwyn

The way I see it, you can only try and see if a cranial osteopath works for you. I am so glad it worked for me!

My son was 8-9 months old when I first took him, so your son is not too old. You are looking at about $50 a session and will get some back if you are with a private health fund and your level covers it.

Here is the number that was in the Practical Parenting magazine which is where I first read about it:

The Australian Osteopathic Association
(02) 9440 2511

Call them and ask them if there is an osteopath who specialises in babies in your area.

I found that not only did my sons night time sleeps improve, but also his day cat naps!

Hope this helps and good luck!


Me: 27, DH: 31, DS 31/01/03 & DD 05/05/05...

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