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T Sleeps Lock Rss

Hi, I have read alot of differant stories on this site and other sites about babies who move around in their cots alot. When I first put my boy in the cot he too moved up to the top so I started to use a t-sleep ( It is a device which wraps around the cot and in the middle of it has a part which you wrap around the babies middle to stop them moving up and down the cot. This has saved my life and also I think he enjoys it now. It only took him a few days to get use to it (as he would try to escape from it) but would be a much usefull investment. I presume you can buy them over in Australia.

Deena NZ New mum

HI deena,
Im interested to know how old your son is and if he is still in the safety sleep. Its just that I too use one for my daughter and like you think its the best thing and would recomend it to everyone. My fear or thought now is how to get them out of it, my daught will be 10 months old this week and she cant sleep with out it!! I can vision this 16 yr old in a safety sleep (slight exageration, haha) Iv tried making an effort to ween her out of it thru the day but she ends up standing up hanging off the bars screaming her head off, which i hate coz she usually goes to sleep (in her safety sleep) without making a peep. any thoughts?? thanx!

NZ mum to 10 mnth old girl!!

I use the same wrap for my girl since she was approx 4 months and is 7 months old now.
We purchased this as she would always slide to the side of her cot and hit her head on the rails which worried me alot. From the first few nights we used it she slept longer at night. She had no problems adjusting to it. I would recommend this SafeTsleep wrap to anyone. i couldn't be happier with it!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

hi all. could you please let us know where to get one os these things? my daughter is the same she rolls over and moves her way up to the top corner and gets stuck!! thanks

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

we have just recently bought one for our 8 month old as she was moving all over the cot and waking herself up. Also it is good for when we visit friends and grandparents as we can wrap it round a single bed matress and not worry about her rolling off the bed or burrowing under blankets! she has taken a little while to get used to it but i have noticed she is starting to sleep longer now. we got ours secondhand off of
i am definitely a fan and would reccomend them to all parents

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

Hi Kelly...
I purchased this wrap from a baby store in our area called Baby Zone for I think $80...but I did see them at Babies Galore as well for the same price... Not sure if you have either of these stores around your area..But again its a really great product!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

hi, yes we have a babies galore. i will have to check it out, thanks!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

hi, me again! i just checked them out on the babies galore website and they are $90 (!!!) just wondering how long it took your bubs to get used to it? hannah is a real worm as soon as i put her to bed she is rolling over and moving around i think she prefers to sleep on her side. im not sure hannah will like to be tied down as she always hated being wrapped and she is so strong she would probably get out of it!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

Hi kelly....

It was like nothing changed for Isabella when we put her in this wrap, which was really good. I only use this wrap at night in her cot upstairs and during the day she is in her travel cot downstairs. Isabella likes to sleep on her stomach which she does during the day, I keep an eye on her though, she also moves around alot and rolls all over the place thats why I think she doesnt sleep much during the day.
It is a bit pricey but I think its worth it....Also ask the sales person for a discount. We got 15% off.. We always ask for discount at the baby stores and always get 15-20% off with no problems!! I bought a bath ring for Isabella today and the lady gave me 15% off. Even if they dont have a sale...

Hope this helps!!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl


This wrap sounds like the way to go. I looked up the site and read all about it. Our little girl who is 3 1/2 months old doesn't really move around in her sleep, but she seems to move around when I am trying to get her to sleep. And when she is half asleep I always find her on her side sucking her fingers. I am always checking on her to make sure she is alright whcih is often. It is abit expensive, but I think it is worth the price. Any way I may be able to con my mother inlaw to make one. It doesn't look that complicated.

Bye, Bridget
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