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At my wits end ?? Lock Rss

I had a baby that slept through 12 hours a night since 10 weeks old until teething and
now 7 months !!!!!!!!!
Just around 1 mth ago when my daughter started teething, now still 4 weeks later she wakes up at least twice a night between 11pm and 1am, and is always waking at around the 5am mark.
During the night when she wakes up she decides she does not want to go back to sleep unless she is picked up (this is after around an hour and a half of trying controlled crying) and carried to sleep or she will only go to sleep if she is next to me.(bottle does not really help neither does the nurofen or bonjela)
During the day she has three sleeps as this is the way she has been sleeping since 3 months old she is lucky to be up 2-3 hours at a time....Then I thought maybe I should cut back day sleeps but she is rubbing her eyes and practically falling asleep whilst sitting up.....
Now for the last couple of weeks she will not go back to sleep in the morning unless she has a bottle. She will not go back to sleep be it at 5am or early hours in the morning as she just moves around and gets even more upset because she is fighting going back to sleep.(she is still carried to sleep then too)
Meanwhile putting her back to bed she rolls and rolls and gets her legs caught in the cot and screams ??????? there is nothing else to do but go in there ! what do I do ?

The thing, it seems this is a routine for her now waking up so many times a night and morning (early) and wont go back to sleep unless she is bottle fed ...should i just give in and get up at 5am in the morning or should i let her cry herself to sleep....

Starting to feel like this is never going to end ???
Hi Melissa,
Just wondering if you have tried a dummy? My 8 month old son kept waking up while he was teething too. Every two hours. This went on for 7 weeks until the tooth actually came through the gum. I found by giving him his dummy back, he would bite down on it, then start to suck it and go back to sleep. I still had to get up, but at least I was only up for 5 mins at a time, and not a couple of hours. Also, does you daughters room have dark curtains? If not, this may be why she is waking earlier in the morning. Is her window open at night? During summer, there are more night time noises outside. I have to keep my sons window shut at night because the frogs bleat under his window constantly, and wake him up. On really hot nights, I leave his fan circulating in his room, but not directly on him. Hope this gives you some ideas on what to try. As mum of 3, I know what it is like being up all day AND night!!

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Tracey
Yeah she has a dummy, had that since we left hospital, the thing is though she spits it out time after time after time and I have to put it back in, half the time I wonder wether its worth going back in her room and putting it back in, maybe I should try and get her off it now ?
Also her room is dark and windows are always shut, I think she just wants to be a pain in the bum...
I have tried everything possible, I think I can just put it down to plain teething, because she eats well drinks well (at the moment) and otherwise does not get disturbed in her sleep.
Wish there was some miracle overnight that would happen as we all know being a mum, we can never get enough sleep....
Thanks for your reply, appreciate it
Take care smile
Hi Melissa,
I mentioned your problem to my mother-in-law, and she was saying that some of her kids did the same thing (my husband included). She used to give them a dose of panadol before going to bed, and that helped to calm them down, and stopped them from waking up in pain during the night. She only did this a few times, until the teeth appeared, and wouldn't give it until late at night only if they had woken up. Just thought it was worth a mention. If you want to chat my email is [email protected]
Wishing you a great xmas and Happy New Year

Mother of 3, Qld

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