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Hi, i have an 11 month old and at the moment i am having problems getting her to bed at night. i do the same routine each night at about the same time, give or take half and hour but for some reason she just resists so much settling and going off to sleep!! She has tea bout 5, quiet playime, bath at 6, dad gets home in time to help dress then has bottle, read of a couple books, cuddle with dad and i try to get her to bed at 7, maybe a bit later. She does play in between some of the things she does at night, is that too much stimulation? What does everyone else do at night to make it easier for their little angels to get to sleep? Any advice would be gratefully heeded!!

Natalie, mum to emily

natalie,sa,6mth emily

my daughter is nearly 12 months and her night routine is tea, play, bath, stories, bottle and bed.
i do try to keep her quiet after the bath so that she is starting to wind down and after her bottle she is all sleepy and relaxed so is ready to hop into bed.
could you try shifting her bottle to just before bed?
hope this helps,

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

I don't know if my routine will help you, but it worked for me when going from bf to solids and starting back to work. (7months old) 4.00 bath, 4.30 dinner, reading, playing till 5.30, sit at table with mum & dad, having some of our dinner, 6.15 tell him bedtime, kisses goodnight and I take him into a darkened bedroom, change nappy, bottle on my knee no talking just cuddles, quietly put into cot, no eye contact, close door, I do dishes. I check on him after this and 100% asleep. He has moved around quite a bit usually so put back under the covers. I found the room temp very important, nappy change last thing and a closed door with a monitor worked. This routine has got Calum to sleep from 6.30 to 6.00 Oh yes I know I'm blessed.

Helen.10m Boy

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