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My little boy has stopped napping through the day!! Lock Rss

Help. My baby boy is now 6 months and 3 weeks old. When he was 9 weeks old we went to Tresillian for 1 week as he was a terrible sleeper. He has been fantstaic and 3 weeks ago started sleeping from 7-30pm to 6-00am and having his regular naps after being awake for 2 hours at a time. But as of last week has decided to not nap at all during the day and is waking twice a night. I'm not doing anything different and he is very cranky by the end of the day due to no naps. Any suggestions??

wendy, blue mts,

Hi, How do you normally get him to go to sleep, does he put himself off or do you put him off?

I ask because my 6 month old daughter was putting herslef off to sleep until recently when she decided she didnt need sleep anymore, she'd still be getting tired and cranky but when i put her down in her cot she'd unwrap herself and either cry or play for anywhere up to 1.5hours when id give in pick her up and cuddle her to sleep.

I spoke to a sleep specialist yesterday who said that at about 6mths old they seem to change the rules and start really developing wants/not wants all of their own, she said to go through the whole process of teaching her to put herself to sleep again, that i need to take her in and either wrap her lightly or not at all, give her a cuddle and put her to bed then leave the room and only go back in if she gets a distressed cry, otherwise letting her whinge or play for up to 2 hours then even if she hasnt slept at all get her, let her have play time/feed time as per normal then do it all over again, even if it means for a couple of days we're both stressed and tired. well i started yesterday and am happy to say that she seems to be getting a bit better already, yesterday was pretty rough on both of us with her only managing 1hour sleep all day but today she's just gotten up from her second sleep...

I dont know if this is any help at all, i know i've dribbled on a bit.

Hope alls going ok

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi Bel,

My little boy puts himself to sleep. I have started doing the same as you and yesterday was tough.( I'm so tired!!) I would leave him in his cot and he managed about 1 and 1/2 hours all day but today he seems to be getting better as I have put him to sleep and he didn't cry or fight with me (kicking blankets off and rolling over!)at all. Maybe he is getting the message. He has been wrapped up until 2 weeks ago because he was using all his energy to unwrap himself.

Thanks for your help.
Keep in touch.

wendy, blue mts,


It is tough work isnt it!! Ella's sleeping much better, still plays or cries most times for a little while when i put her down but then sleeps, still not for long though unfortunately but better than nothing! I usually go in and cover her up after i know she's asleep because she moves around so much she'll be asleep uncovered on her side up the top of the cot facing the bottom of the cot... lucky she's cute!! smile

Hope all goes well.
Take care

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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