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Going backwards with control crying. Lock Rss

We started control crying with my 9 month old baby girl over a week ago and was going really well. But in the last couple of days she has been screaming like never before when you try to put her down esp. for her morning sleep. She gets herself so worked up that no matter how tired she is she will not go to sleep. Has anyone been through a simlar thing?

Sarah, Qld, Baby Girl

YES! Now I make sure that I change Char, give her a little snack and a long cuddle before I put her down for her nap and it works for me. At night, she always goes to sleep during her last feed anyway, so that's not a problem, but for her day sleeps, she just grizzles for five minutes and goes to sleep.
What is your Charlies middle name? I have a feeling we names our daughters the same! Char is Charlotte Anne, Charlotte so she is Charlie for short after my Pop and Anne becuase every single female on my Mums side has Anne in their name (all 26 of us girls!).
maybe before you start again (and start the program from scratch) get her checked out at the docs especially for an ear infection which apparently is more painful when they lay down on it?

if thats all fine keep persevering maybe she thinks if she cracks the sads you will give in LOL

Good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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