My lil angel has never slept rhough! at 9 months we moved house and decided this is it! ( as i am due in august for number 2) So we control cried ( for the 50th time) and surprise it worked! after only one night! he was having bottles before that at 12 and 4, and i was cutting them down to water and less and less, now he wakes at 5:30 for a bottle. He gets put it in his cot at 7 and talks to himself for a lil while and goes to sleep without a worry. I hear him stir sometimes but he just goes back to sleep. he even talks in his sleep " bub bub and mum mum" which is kinda cute. But at 5:30 on the dot without fail he is wake and wont go back down till i give him milk. He throws water back at me and when h ewas teething a wee or so ago and he woke at 3 or 4 i just give panadol, bonjella and a cuddle and he would go straight back to sleep without a fuss, but even if he woke at 5:00, he'd be back awake at 5:30 for milk! I am told that by 10 months they should be bale to sleep 12 hours without a bottle... is this so? does anyone have any advice? I suppose its not a real prob, but i am just thinking of the sleepless nights ahead when i have a newborn in just 8 weeks!!
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