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How many Day sleeps? Lock Rss

I have a 10 mth old and he has a sleep at 10-11/11:30 and another at 3/3:30-4/4:30. My husband wants to cut out one day sleep and push the sleep later so that maybe he will sleep through.. what do u think? besides sleep time being MUMMYS time too do u think it might work? has anyone tried it??

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I tried to cut back my 10mth old to 1 sleep a day, and it didn't work, she became so overtired by bedtime that it was almost unbearable, so we went back to 2.

She has a sleep at 9/9.30 and another at 1/1.30 then goes to bed at about 7.30/8pm

I would say it's worth a try though and just see how he goes, you can always go back to 2 sleeps!

good luck!

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