I am a Freelance Journalism student currently writing an article about sleep centres. I would like to hear from mothers who have attended a Residential Care Centre (e.g. Tresillian, Karitane or similar) who would like to share their experience. Information gathered from members may be used in the final article which I intend to submit to various parenting publications (Practical Parenting/Mother & Baby/My Child/Parents).

Some background:
Along with breastfeeding, one of the big issues affecting parents is their baby’s sleep (usually ‘lack of’). There are an infinite number of articles on sleeping issues (how to get your baby to sleep, how long should they sleep for etc) but I have yet to come across a story which explains what happens when none of the strategies work and what your alternatives are. My article will explore what happens when you attend a center, how you obtain a referral, types of issues that are dealt with, description of a daily routine, how many people attend, the staff etc.

If you would like to share your experience please send an email to lili2l@optusnet.com.au

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!