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6 month old still waking up for feed(normal) Lock Rss

Hi My 6 month old still wakes up 1 time a night for a feed.Is this normal.Can someone tell me if this is normal and when the should be stopping having a feed a night.

HI Lucy,
My 7 months has only slept through a handful of times usually its a 4-6 hour sleep (he did 9 hours last night, very unusuall). The baby book I have suggests 3/4 of babies will start sleeping through at 6 months, you do have the option of start to change the baby to sleep what you want. Its up to the way you feel. There is very little thats 'normal' when discussing babies and developements.
Bradyn is breast fed when he wakes up I will still feed him, he seems to feed well at night if he starts to not really be feeding I will try to settle without feeding, this is how I feel and I am happy with this as Bradyn settles again at night quickly.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

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I also have a 6mth old (daughter) and up untill a week ago she had to fall asleep on me and i'd sneak her into her cot and she was waking 4 times a night for a feed drinking about 200mls in the middle of the night ahhh, but then a week ago we come to stay with my mum and Hayley sleeps in mums room and now she puts herself to sleep and only wakes once maybe twice and is only drinking water. So my advice is if posable get babys dad or your mum to put baby to bed and when baby wakes just give them a bottle of water to hold themselfs if that doesnt work give the milk bottle. I think they only wake cos its alone time with mum and they dont really need that night feed expecialy if they are eating 3 meals a day. (my daughter only has half a can 3 times a day) but good luck.

dani,nz,6mth baby

Thanks Everyone for your suggestions.I am glad that it is still normal for her to be waking up at night.I will try to cut out that feed in about a month as of she is JUST 6 months.Lucy
Ruby born 25-12-04
Hi Lucy, Something that will make you feel like the night waking is perfectly normal is to read Kate Dettewyler's SLEEPING THROUGH. I have just posted exactly this on another thread, but thought it might help here too. In case my link doesn't work - she says ... [Quote]Human children are designed to be sleeping with their parents...No doubt about it, the gap between what our culture teaches us to expect of the sleep patterns of a young child...and the reality of how children actually sleep if healthy and normal, yawns widely. But the first steps to dealing with the fact that your young child doesn't sleep through the night, or doesn't want to sleep without you is to realize that: (1) Not sleeping through the night until they are 3 or 4 years of age is normal and healthy behavior for human infants. (2) Your children are not being difficult or manipulative, they are being normal and healthy, and behaving in ways that are appropriate for our species. Once you understand these simple truths, it becomes much easier to deal with parenting your child at night. [end quote] smile
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