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wont sleep in pram Lock Rss

help. I Have a 4 month baby girl who sleeps well in the car and in her cot but does'nt sleep in her pram. I feel trapped in the house because everytime i venture out she gets tired and crys so I hurry back home to put her to bed. I desparately want to be able to get out of the house at least 1 day a week without my baby screaming the whole time. does anyone else have this problem and does anyone have any advise on how i can get her to sleep in her pram..



I found a couple of things that helped with my daughter. I used to wrap her and then put her in the pram. She was always wrapped when she slept in her cot.

I also bought a cover that went over the pram that is black. I bought it at a baby store. They keep things nice and dark and they don't get stimulated.

Good Luck
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