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bj - I have experienced the same.

Jacob was born 9pd 1ounce - and 53cm long.

AT his six month injections last Thursday he was 10.9kg and 74cm long. He was born on 30/12/04.

He is proportion too - sounds like you and I just make big babies!

Dont fret about it - I just tell them "yep big boy - one day he'll be big enough to carry me around".

I get comments about his big head and I also just say "big head - big brain".

Ignorance is bliss to some people - so I just have a slight dig at them and I feel better.

Enjoy your baby!
he he he we were the talk of the hospital when our 10 pound 11 girl was born (4.8kg) . the midwives kept stealing her to show her off. at three months she was 7.7kg. People mistake her for a 6 month old. she has slept right through the night since born and i recon that is due to her size.

big babies a great....

Rebecca. Tyla 13/2/05, Jera 30/1/07

my little kayden was born at 9lbs 6oz's also he was 52cm's long and now he is 5months old and weighs 7.5kg's... he is a big boy... but he seems to have stoped at this weight for the past 2months! dont know whats going on? he was getting called a 6month old at 2 1/2months! for weekly baby specials. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi, well so far i'm the winner,10 months ago i had a girl who was 11 pound, 5010grams,58 cm long,i had her naturally,i was two weeks late got induced and had Lilla 20hrs later. I am still unsure why they allowed me to have her naturally as we ran into some life threating problems, but here we are 10 months later with the most adorable 11.2kg,80cm treasure, I was very embarressed at first when i would tell people how old she was,and they would say, oh my god!!! she is huge,yes it happened so much i wanted to scream and i got quite defensive,in the hospital it was like a circus,people kept coming to my door and saying can i see your baby(she was in a twin crib)i no they wer'nt being rude but i found it upsetting.Anyway she is beautiful and very advanced,so being big does have it's up's. So i will keep watching for responses and maybe for the first time i will hear of a bigger bub than mine. Nikki & bonnie babe Lilla

Hey everyone,
my little man was born Dec last year weighing 3.92kg and 51cm long at his last weigh in at 6mths he was 10.05kg & 71cm, i actually love the look on people's faces when they say what a beautiful little boy how old is he about 1yr old? and i say nope 6mths lol and until a few weeks ago he was fully breastfed lol so i wouldn't worry about it i prefer a big healthy baby, gives them something to fall back on if they get sick.


Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

Hi bj17,

I just wanted to say that I am right with you re. ALL the big baby comments. It's frustrates me too.

I know that it's great that the babies are big and healthy and that if they get sick they have reserves..... I'm not denying any of that.

I just wish that every time a person sticks their head in my pram to look at my baby they could think of something a little more tactful to say than "My god what a big baby!". I had someone (a small man at that) tell me my boy was a monster once. I very cooly said "yeah, he'll be bigger than you soon". The guy just looked at me, to which I smiled very sweetly back. A bit narky, but hey, people should think a bit before they speak.

My baby had no choice but to be big, I'm 5 ft 10 and my hub is 6 ft 4. Our baby was 4.2kgs born and 53 cm long.

At the other end of the scale, my SIL had a small baby and got comments galore about how tiny her bub was.... it was just as annoying.

I guess a positive you take from these peoples bizarre attitudes (and comments) is to be aware of your comments towards other mum's and the beautiful bundles.

Take care.

Sandra (28) Liam born 14 Sep 04

I think I can beat you all hands down ... My boy Jordan wasnt that big when he was born (53cm long, weighing 8pd 5oz) however you should see him now ...

At 6 weeks old he was 6 kg
He will be 1yr old on Friday and he weighs in at 15kg and has been that weight for a good couple of months

He is not as fat as you are probably visioning though he is just a big boy but is well in proportion.

He is quite tall, about the average height of a 2-3 yr old.

Jordan has never even fitted his measurements on the graph

But you know what, he is the happiest child you would ever meet and is a delight to look after.
He does not eat allot despite what most people just presume, and eats very healthily. I was always very worried and spoke to the doctors but they all think he is fantastic and perfectly healthy
Go the big kids!

Jordan Zane 15.07.2004, Perth WA

hi bj17, i to have the same problem our son is 5mths old and weighs 9.7kgs and is 67cms long, he to is well in proportion and beautiful and really healthy but we to always get comments on how big he is they always ask what are we feeding him and are shocked to hear that he has only 4 bottles and 3 meals a day they think we are overfeeding him

michelle qld mum to rhys 5mths

hi guys my son was born 3.75kg and53cm long. He was 8 days early and born by emergancy c section. The doctors said that my pelvis was to small. Im only 5 foot 1 and my husband is 6 foot 3. He is now 4 months old and weighs 8.5kg and is 67cm tall. He is really big and he gets mistaken for a 6 month old. Hes now fitting into size 0s. Yeah hes chubby but so cute and like some of you have said a least if he gets sick he has some weight to fall back on.(alot actually)

kylie,nsw,mum to William & Hannah

hi my little girl was born in feb we were also the talk in the hospital as she was 10pd 11oz all natural only gas an peth it was a scary experience but she has been such a fantastic baby sleeps through the night from day one, alot of people comment on her as well but i take it as a complement to me she is the most perfect thing inthe world. i hope all my children are this big!!!


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