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music when sleeping Lock Rss

hi guys,
does any one here play music for their baby to go to sleep to? what sort do you have or play? i have started playing "secret garden" and it seems to be really calming... let me know of any other nice soft music! for weekly baby specials. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Ever since I came home from hospital I've been using - "The Tasmania Symphony Orchestra - Symphony of Lullabies" as a sleep cue.

It works and I usually leave the CD on repeat - I don't do this at night as he is usually so tired he goes to sleep very easily.

Since baby went in cot i have been using a glow worm music box (you know hang on the cot pictures scroll and music plays smile). I dont have the light on just play it, i find it really good as you can set it for different amount of time, i have it on for about five minutes.
I find this really good and it plays proper music of all the lullabyes we know not that loud harsh sound most other musical toys

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

I found a CD called "Bach For Book Lovers" which is nice and relaxing as its designed to be played as background music when reading.
(I tried this after trying a James Galway CD and finding my son would sit up and start clapping whenever a certain song came on!! Was very cute but not what I wanted when he was meant to be going to sleep!!)
Hi all
I have a problem sleeper especially at night and often wondered if playing music would help, so now i will buy a sleep cd and give it a go it's worth a try.
Fingers crossed lol

Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

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