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hello to all who will listen, just need to get some things off my chest. My beautifull baby girl was born on the 9th of march 2005 and for the first two weeks was th best little baby, did'nt cry fed well and slept all day. then around 6 weeks it all turned, she would not sleep at all during the day or night, she hardly fed(breast) would cry 10 min after waking. she is how 4 months and I recently got back from Riverton in Brisbane (sleep school) things were going fine for about 4 days after I got home but now things seem worse then they were before. she doesn't want to eat and when she does its only snacking which in turn slows down my supply, then in the evening when she seems to want to eat i have no milk to give her, I have tried the bottle but she doestn't want a bar of it. when she is awake she is a happy smiley baby for about 20 min and then its grizzle and cry, I then try the controlled crying thinking its bed time but she crys like I've never heard her cry before. i cant leave the house beacuse every time I try she just doesn't stop crying. so here i am with a baby that doesn't eat (but putting on about 90-100grms a week) seems to be crying all the time, wont sleep, and doesn't like to go out. sorry if im sounding like I'm complaining alot but Im starting to go out of my mind and i needed to get it out .
thanks all for listening and if anyone elses out there has a similar story or has some advice I would love to hear from you
thanks again...


Hi, i did sort of go threw the same thing,i did go to riverton for a week also when my baby was 6 weeks old(she is now 10mths)You can email me and we can have a chat(we must live close if we have both been to riverton)I had alot of the same feelings in the beginning. [email protected],hopefully i will here from you soon, Nikki

Well if it was me i would be asking my doctor to refer me to a paediatrician(however you spell it) you never know it could be something simple, i know of one little boy who wouldn't sleep and was always grissly and it turned out his shoulder was out and he had a few visits from the chiropractor (make sure if u see one they have experience with babies & children) he was a totally dierent baby, babies don't cry for no reason so if it was me i would be getting her checked out.

Hope you figure it out soon for your sanity's sake! lol

Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

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