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Disturbed sleep Lock Rss

hi well i have a 8 mth old daughter who has been really disturbed at night lately she is just waking up of all hours of the morning and night grizzling and groaning but when i go in to check on her she is up on all fours rocking but she is still half asleep sometimes she will go back to sleep and other times i am just up and down all night some nights i just have to put her in my bed she just dosent seem to be going into a deep sleep she is teething but i have never had this problem before when she has been teething some times she just wants to play at 2 in the morrning i have never had any problem with her sleeping before not until now and this has been going on for awhile now does anyone have any ideas or advice on what i can do?
Hi Nat, I have a 6 month old baby boy who is doing the same thing. He goes to bed at between 7-7.30pm wakes at 11pm for a bottle then use to sleep till between 6-7am. But now he has begun waking anywhere from 2am onwards and grizzles, when I go in to him he seems still half asleep and I just put the dummy back in. This will last anywhere between 2-5am and sometimes I am up and down 4-6 times. It is very tiring isn't it? Maybe it is dreaming that is doing this too them?? I let him cry it out one night - Boy was that hard - I think he screamed for about 10 minutes (or what seemed like 10 hours) and then he suddenly stopped. Well that scared me and I didn't want to check him as to disturb him again but I wanted to make sure he was OK - I finally checked him and he had gone back to sleep. It is hard to say what the problem is but I guess we just have to keep perservering with it and maybe one day it will stop. He has done a few nights without this so hopefully it is coming to an end. I don't think he is teething yet - But then who knows. I try bonjella sometimes when he does wake in case it is teething. I also limit his sleep during the day - 2 x 1 1/2 hours only so he isn't sleeping too much during the day. We are also trying the jolly jumper at nights to see if this will wear him out. All we can do is keep trying differant things but in the end if they want to wake they will - All we can do is comfort them in the meantime. Good luck!!!

Deena NZ New mum

hi well thanx for your reply i am glad i aint the only one going through this at the moment it is really nice to know i aint on my own. well my daughter still isnt sleeping well she is still disturbing at the same time and then wont go back into a deep sleep last night we tryed the let her cry thing but it didnt work i just cant seem to let her cry for so long she is fine when she goes to bed at 8:30 and then once it hits between 11:30 1:00 thats it over we go again i am haveing to put her in bed with us just to get some sleep some nights but anyway this is all apart of having children so is there any improvement with your little one? i am just hoping she grows out of this soon. anyway good luck bye
Hi, Definately no change - in fact he has now got worse. Last night after his 11pm feed he would not go back to sleep and the letting him cry didn't work either. He was up till 2am then went back to sleep until after 3. What we did discover though was he slept well if one of us stayed in his room and kept our hand on his chest. So guess what we are going to try?? We are moving his cot into our room next to the bed so that when he wakes we can talk to him or reach over and touch him. Maybe it is some sort of seperation anxiety??? Will try this and maybe once he realises he is not on his own he will sleep through. We can try getting him into his own room when he gets a bit older. Will let you know how we get on. Good luck to you - and just think in 6 months they will be over this stage and on to something new!!!!

Deena NZ New mum

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