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Uncharacteristic night waking Lock Rss

My 12 month old, who usually sleeps through the night, has begun waking once or twice crying. After I pick her up for 5 minutes or so, during which she is very sleepy, I place her back in her cot, and after a little grizzle, she falls beck to sleep. We have been on holidays for a few weeks (and her sleep was not great), I'm wondering if the change in envirinment has affected her? She is usually a big eater but she has become quite fussy, maybe she is not eating enough? Maybe it is teething? Comfort? I'm just don't know. Does anyone have any ideas as to why her sleep is interrupted? Thanks!


Hi Nadia,
I know the feeling. I went through the same thing with my 8.5 month old when we went away for xmas. It was a nightmare to get him to go to sleep, then he would wake about 3-4 times grizzling, still half asleep. He was a big eater too, but cut down to half the amount he usually eats. This only lasted for about 1 week after we got home and back into his regular rountine. He was sleeping fine, but he is now cutting his second tooth, so he is a bit grizzly again, but not too bad. I think his problem was being in a different bed, and in a different environment, and it just took a little time to go back to normal. It shouldn't take too long to get back into old habits, just go back to you usuall routine. Good luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Nadia,
My 13 month old daughter is the same. However she is now cutting her 3rd molar tooth and after I saw the first one appear I then knew why. Molar teeth are nightmares!!
Being away on holidays probably hasn't helped as babies know when they are not at home in their own bed and as it is also becoming warmer of a night they can be restless like us big people.
I wouldn't worry too much about her food, Ella has become a bit picky seeing it's been so hot so just make sure she is getting plenty of fluids.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

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