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Baby sleeps with mum. Lock Rss

I have a 10mth old baby girl.Up until 4mths ago she had no problem sleeping by herself,although she was still waking 4-5 times during the night.And wouldnt go back to sleep without the breast! But now doesnt sleep any longer than 30 minutes,when put in her cot.So i have found it a lot easier for her to sleep with me,and when waking,letting herself feed herself back to sleep for another few hours.But ive had enough! I need some helpful advice on how to get her to sleep all through the night in her own bed.HELP!!!!!!!!!!

katrina,nsw,mother to 7mth baby girl-Jamielee Poss

sorry, i dont know how much help i'm going to be here!
my DD was the same as yours. around 9 months they begin to go through what is called a 'seperation anxiety' stage where they don't like not being with mum or dad. ella was really clingy and hated waking by herself in her cot and every night wound up in bed with me and daddy. but then this became habit and ella knew if she made enough fuss i would give in for the sake of getting some sleep!
when we were both fed up with having to share with her i hardened my heart and used controlled crying with her. after 3 days of listening to her cry it out (first night 1 hour, second night 30 mins, third 10 mins) we now have a great sleeper and best of all she can self settle if she does wake in the night.
i dont know if this is the right thing for your family, it would be harder for you as you would also need to wean her off feeding to sleep...
maybe the best thing for you to do would be to talk to your chn about how to go about getting her out of this habit?
sorry i can't be more of a help but good luck and i hope you get some good sleep soon!

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

Hi i have the same problem with my 9mth old except she is now weaned and doesnt want to eat. I have tried the crying method and just leaving her in her own bed but that does not work so i know how you feel. I wish i had the answer too.

Tamara, NSW, Siobhan 24/09/04

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