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Please help.... Lock Rss

I have a 4 month old DD...her day sleeps are fine, well the first two.
From the afternoon she has 1-2 catnaps, then turns into a ferral creature, screaming the house down, till she passes out after endless BF anywhere from 7-9pm at night.
This disturbs the entire household which includes my 11 year old son...what time is a good bedtime? Do I just let her cry herself to sleep rather than demand feed her till she passes out...any advice is appreciated as I am just about ready to force wean her - by 4pm I start getting uptight as I know what is about to happen...

Hi there,

I have a 10 week old and he was being a little alien from 3pm until 10pm... I BF too and found I was glued to the couch for hours! I now express milk in the morning (150ml) and give this to him around 4pm (I BF him first) to fill him up, he happily plays or goes to bed and will not want feeding until 8pm which is his last feed until the morning. I also have introduced much to my distress a feed of formula at 8 - 8.30 as I found my milk supply really slowed down in the arvo and if bubs is constantly feeding you cannot generate sufficient milk supply! Again I BF him first and used the formula as a top up.

Hope this helps smile does help, do you mean he sleeps thru the night? Oh I so envy you....see my thread re feeding..she won't take a bottle AT all?

I'd love to use formula as a top up..

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