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having a bad night Lock Rss

my little one has been sleeping beautifully through the night for the last 4nights but last night he had a foul one! he was up at least every 2hours and it probably does have something to do with his teeth... but we get no sleep at all, and are so stuffed the next day i dont even have the energy to play with him. Should i get someone else to look after him for a while, or just bare and grit it?
What do you guys do after a bad night, besides drink lots of coffee in the morning to keep you awake!!! haha -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

For the last week Bradyn had been waking three times a night, I have been feeling very drained and not getting anything done. Thinking am I eating right? Drinking enough? Last night he woke only once and I feel so much better today. Silly me didn't click I was feeling run down because of lack of sleep!!. If you can get someone else to look after him for a while I am sure you'll feel much better. Sometimes whilst Bradyn was asleep I would take a nice long hot shower, wash my hair, have some me time, that would help me feel better.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

My little man has been waking up 3 times at night also due to his teeth and i feel like crap the next day. I however, don't have anyone else to look after him and I don't think I would (personal choice), so what I do is when he has a nap during the day I will also go and have a nap just to recharge my batteries.

I also find that if he has been waking and then has a good night where he sleeps through I still don't get that good asleep as I am waking up wondering why he hasn't woken. I should stop stressing and just enjoy the sleep!

Hope this helps

mum to Ty and Georgia

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Hi there. I live in WA and all my family live in QLD. Hubby is in the Navy and constantly away, and while I have some new friends, I don't know anyone well enough to leave Char with them. And to make matters worse, I am allergic to caffiene so no coffee for me. I usually drink heaps of Lucozade on bad days and munch on Bananas too. But the less sleep I get, the more conditioned I get to having none. I guess it is just a matter of dealing with it and knowing that having babies equal no or not much sleep. I hope you find a happy solution.
Oh, and Skittles are great for a mid afternoon pickmeup.
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