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please help me Lock Rss

my daughter sleeps with me and my husband in bed
i've tried to stick her bed close to mine and even took of the side rail to pretend she sleeps in our bed but doesnt work she start to soon as she jumps in bed with us she is asleep....does anyone else have the same problem? how can i solve it please help

emili 24/02/2005

Hi there,
How does she sleep during the day? She must at some stage sleep by herself.
I sympathise with you, my first daughter was a right bugger at sleeping, but I found doing the same thing day and night she finally worked out that she was to sleep in her bed by herself. It can take a couple of weeks but she is now the best sleeper ever.
Every sleep I would put her in her cot, walk out and wait for her to cry! After about 2-3 minutes I would go back in and turn her on her side and pat her and say shh shh until she quietened down. I would walk out and wait for her to cry again! This could go on for an hour! I'd get her up after an hour of trying, feed her and start again. The second time it usually would only take maybe 10 minutes and she'd be asleep.
You really need to break a habit and believe me repetition finally works - well in my case anyway.
I hope I havent confused you by my long winded essay!
Take care and I hope this and anyone elses idea works. Remember they are only babies for a short time and it does get better. It must, I've now got two!

Delma, Vic, Mum to Keeley and Ella

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