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hi im new to this forum, i am a first time mum, Madison is 12wks, she sleeps ok at night but during the day she wakes up after 45mins and wont resettle by herself. I was hoping someone can help me out with some techniques!!!!


How are you settling her?
We had the same problem with our DD. SHe slept well at night but only had cat naps during the day of 40mins exactly! We were cuddling and BF her to sleep.
We heard about the book save our sleep by Tizzie Hall so we bought it and sarted her routines.
She basically explains the importance of self settling and routine. They like routine as they know what to expect next.
As for the catnaps, Im sure you know that babies have a 40 min sleep cycle. So when that 40mins is up they wake up and look round. If they are being aided to sleep (cuddled, fed or use a dummy to sleep) then they wont be able to get themself back to sleep without this aid.
You have to teach bub to self settle. Once we started doing this within a couple of weeks she was sleeping through the night and sleeping 2 - 2hour blocks and a nap of 45-60mins in the day. She has done this since (started routine at 8 weeks, now she is nearly 6 mponths).
Hope this helps.
Good luck
Hi, we had exactly the same thing and I got the dvd called It's time to Sleep which you can get through the huggies website(go to being a parent up the top and click on Your Baby's Sleep) saved our sanity!!! I know a few other parents who have used it and it was on the recommendation of someone else that I used it. It really works. It involves rolling bub on to her side and patting till they quieten down for up to 15mins, and it can be really hard to be there with them screaming but it does work. It does take a few weeks to work but you will see improvements within a week. Bubs have to learn and they only learn through consistency so you have to be strong (both of you) and not stray from the techniques.

I strongly suggest getting the video, it is based on a technique used at a Melbourne sleep school and it was the best thing we did, using that video.
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[Edited on 17/07/2007]

when i hear her stir at the exact 45 min mark i leave her to try and settle herself back to sleep, by 20mins she starts to cry i go in and pat her till she stops crying then leave the room. When i leave she starts to cry louded and louded. I have tried the sounds for silence cd it works sometimes but not others. Some days it can take 30-40mins for her to go back to sleep


Hi there,
I too Have a catnapper during the day. I have bought Tizzie Hall's book too and have thought about starting the routines, but my dd is 10 weeks old and the routines are based on 4 hour spaced feeds, awake 2 hours then put to bed for up to 2 hour sleep before next feed. How do you string out a 10 week old for 2 hours, especially when everything else says look for tired signs and put to bed before they become overtired?? I would love to use the routine as my days consist of trying to resettle and driving/pram/sling to make up for extra sleep!!!
Its hard stringing the 2 hours out. escpecially at the beginning. We would play with her on the play mat, go out to the shops for half an hour, carry her around, walk outside etc.
In the book it says if you are starting the routines with a baby over 1 month and under 3 months to start on the week 4 routine. It says to follow each routine for 2 weeks until you reach the 10 week routine, then the next routine change will be when your bub goes onto solids.
Its worth sticking to it... Its amazing the difference it makes.
Hope this helps.
Mum of Mardi,
Just something you said was that you try to resettle your bub when she wakes after 45 mins. In the book it says by doing this it is sending mixed messages. She says its best to get her up whenever she wakes and keep her up till the next sleep time. Its hard at first but it really worked for us.
If you try to resettle and 9 times out of 10 it doesnt work and she will get hysterical... then she will associate this with each time she goes to sleep. It sort of males sense I thought.
Once she learns to settle herself off to sleep to begin with then she will begin to settle herself back to sleep after the first sleep cycle (45mins).
Hope this helps.
Good uck
Are you saying that when she wakes after 45mins instead of trying to resettling her i should get her out of bed and keep her up until her next feed play then sleep?? if that is the case wouldn't that make her over tired??


Thats what we did. We followed the book 'Save our sleep'. She explains it in there.
I know that its hard as we are forever been told to put baby down when they are tired, and there is so much conflicting advice out there. But everything we tried with our DD wouldnt solve the problem of cat napping during the day.
We thought this would be worth a shot as we had alot of people tell us it had worked for them.
Its hard at first, but it worked for us!
They do get tired, so by the time you put them to bed they fall straight asleep by themself. Once they learn to self settle then they will be able to settle themself after the first sleep cycle.
Hope this makes sense!!!????
SOS just about sent me round the twist!!
We have a much happier, healther baby now and we do NOT follow that book!
Babys don't fit into books that are not their own.
Please be careful as our Baby became really unwell with SOS routines.
I agree this book or any other may not work for every baby!
This forum is for mothers to get tips, advice and support from other mums so when soomething has worked well for me I am going to pass advice on as if I can make a difference for one more person out there it makes all the difference.
We are all open to say our advice and it is up to the person to make their decision whether to try it or not.
Im sure SOS does not work for everyone but it made a big difference to our lives.
Each to there own.
Im glad that you have a happy healthy baby and you do what works for you, thats great.

When I first read the routines it sounded like a form of torture but if they work when you've tried all the other stuff-then great!! If my DD can start having sleeps like Cass and Bell then I'm sure we'll both be extremely happy!
I love the Pinky Mckay book "sleeping like a baby" (which bags routines like tizzies, but I've tried all that stuff which sounds great in theory and not really working for us.
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