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Tizzie Hall again!! Lock Rss

Hi there,
looking for help from Save our sleepers!! I have a catnapping baby - she was so distraught with tiredness tonight I put her to bed at 5.45pm!! Bugger the 7pm sleeptime!!
My DD is 10 weeks old and according to the routines in Tizzies book, after she wakes at 7am for a feed, I'm not supposed to put her to bed until 9am till 11am for next feed(and so on throughout the day)!!! I've been trying the routines for about 2 weeks, but can't seem to bring myself to make her stay awake when she wants to sleep earlier like 1.5 hours after feed at the latest!! What do you do when they're really tired and want to go to bed, do you string them out for the extra time to the 2 hours? I suppose I should try it as I've tried everything else and she still catnaps!! She aslo wakes from her 45 min catnap and just lies there so I leave her until her next feed but she doesn't cry so I don't get her up, but then she doesn't sleep - she just festers!!! the trouble is she gets more and more tired throughout the day and by the end of the day she's a mess from lack of sleep and the routine is out the window!!
Please help!!
I find the same thing..

I make her stay up - I walk around the house with her, take her outside, play in her face...nighttime has gone from 3 hrs to settle to straight down..she will only have one good sleep a day though, and has to be in bed by 1830 - can't make her wait..we have been doing this for a week now, just persevere I say..some people say it takes a month.

I suppose what else do we have to do during the day except walk around with them??? I can tell you that if my first was like this I would have seriously considered no more!!! Mums are amazing. I was blessed and still am with my first sleeping trough from 10 weeks and still now to 3.5 years!!! I have no time to do anything during the day so I might as well try the routines to the letter to see if it works,
Good luck to you too!! I'm going to bed!! (I miss my nanna naps during the day!!)
Congrats on the quick night settles, you must have been drained!!!! 3 hours!!!!

Having experience from 2 kids, this is my suggestion to u - go with the flow and your instincts and u will be a happy mum !! Roles reversed - imagine if you were extremely sleeply but your baby kept crying and kept u awake and prevented u from sleeping - how would u feel ?

If your baby is sleepy, put her to sleep - she needs her sleep to grow. Forget the books, forget the routines, a mum's instinct is the best.


I have been doing the routine since my DD was 8 weeks old. She is nearly 6 months now. I still cant keep her up till 9am or 1pm. I put her to bed at 845 and 1245 and 645.
THis works for us. And she still sleeps till 11am and 3pm. As well as her 45-60 min nap in the arvo.
When we first started it was soooo hard keeping her awake till the next sleep time. we would carry her around and take her outside, she usually got very heavy eyed. Although it paid off as within 2-3 weeks of doing the same routine she started sleeping past the 45min naps. It worked for us. I would persevere if I were you, if its not distressing her too much. Its def worth it now!
Good luck.

I tried SOS too
All I can say is use your heart and decide
These are my posts on SOS and some other stuff mixed in.
thanks everyone, I have tried everything else and she's miserable because of the 45 min sleeps. I would be happy if she was, but we both know she needs more!!
Today I tried keeping her up before the lunchtime one for 2 hours after catnapping in the morning and this time it wasn't too bad --she wasn't too cranky to stay awake. She still woke after 45 min but I went in, rewrapped her and put her back down and she fell asleep again!!
I'll definitely keep trying it for a couple of weeks and if not then I'll go full on feral and rock/dummy/pat whatever to keep us both sane!!

Just a question, my DD has never had a dummy because in the first few months she would just spit it out. I tried it again the other night when she was really hard to settle (3hrs of trying to settle!!)and she fell asleep straight away. Is this a bad thing? Will she become dependant on the dummy to resettle or is it normal for baby's to sleep with a dummy????

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

We had a dummy for our DD in the first 2 months as she never slept much in the day. However she sarted waking up more for us to go in and replace it when she had spat it out.
In Tizzies book she says that dummies pose three problems. She says a baby with a dummy wakes more frequently as they find it harder to achieve a deep sleep as their sucking disturbs their sleep pattern. And if a baby goes to sleep with a dummy, when they wake up they will expect the dummy to be there so they will yell until we go and put it back in. She also says that the constant sucking tricks the baby to digest their milk too fast and makes them hungrier than babies without a dummy.
I though this made sense. So we got rid of the dummy. It worked for us.
In saying that I do know some people that have used them with their kids and it seemed to work for them....
Hope this helps.
Hi! Go with your baby's flow. I have four children, my eldest being 5 and my youngest is 7 months and my advice is to relax and allow your motherly instinct to come through. If you feel your baby needs a sleep then put her to sleep, if she needs a dummy then give her a dummy. I have had two out of four children take a dummy and I have experienced no problems at all with it. It is like a comfort for them so if she wants one then allow her to be comforted by it. It is far better having a baby asleep and settled with a dummy then a baby crying and awake!!!

DS1-7 DS2-5 DD1-4 DD2-2

I agree completly with mumof2melbourne and mumofmba. Ditch the books and go with the flow. Try it for a few weeks and see how you go. I know my daughter is much happier going with the flow. If your baby is tired, then allow them to sleep. If your baby is hungry, offer some more food. If your baby wants to cuddle, cuddle them. If your baby needs their dummy, use it. This seems prety straight forward and logical to me, the planned routines seem like they pigeon hole all babies into the same catogory and this just does not make sense to me. All babies, even at the same age are doing different things, having different experiences and growing at different rates. So why should they all have the same routine??

Thanks guys, DD woke today after 45 mins and i tried resettling her but she wouldn't have it so i got her up. She was up for half an hour before she was getting cranky again so i put her back to bed with the dummy. She went back to sleep at 11.20 and is still sleeping....yay smile

i think i'm going to go with the flow and give her the dummy if all else fails...

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

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