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night time is bed time! Lock Rss

hi all,
lately since kayden got his top 2 teeth come through he hasnt been settling at night, and seems to go to bed at 7 then wake up at around 8 for a play and a sit with us for about an hour or maybe even 2hours some nights. I dont know why he has started to do it, but i cant seem to get him out of it. any one else having this problem? what have you tried? or does any one have any suggestions? for weekly bargains on nappies and other great baby products! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I have been going through the same thing. My baby is 9mths and has eight teeth. At the moment i think he is trying to cut a back one so the past two weeks have been very tiresome.
My baby wakes at 11.30pm every night and wants to play and the only thing i felt i could do was to breast feed him to make him all groggy and then put him down for a sleep. It worked but too well. Now i have the trouble of getting this habbit, that i created, stopped. Last night i tried a new technique that i read about in "The Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg. I woke him at 10.30pm just a little, to try and break the habbit. And he didn't wake at 11.30pm for that feed. Apparently it can take a week or so to break the habbit. May i also suggest that maybe you don't take your baby out of his room. Maybe try and console him without picking him up. I am also trying this at the moment, when my baby wakes be it whatever time, ususally bedtime, i sit with him (on a chair) if he is crying and shhh him until he settles no longer than a few minutes. Then put him back in his cot tuck him in. I try not to give eye contact at this point but it can be very hard. I then rub his tummy clockwise and shh again until he is nice and settled. As i said, i have only just begun this and so far fingers crossed this will work.
I hope i haven't rambled on to long.
Best of luck.
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